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CCTV Installation Brentwood Essex (CM13): A camera-based surveillance system that is now being more widely seen in Brentwood, closed-circuit television (usually known as CCTV) is used to monitor commercial premises, residential properties, buildings, land and public areas like council facilities, leisure centres and parks. Transmitting recordings via signals or an internet connection, to monitors on which static images or moving video can be viewed, a CCTV system is fundamentally a network of wireless or wired cameras which cover areas of interest. It's generally recommended that CCTV is professionally installed in Brentwood, because there are many different types of CCTV systems available to buy, each offering differing features and needing to be installed in different ways.

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Analogue Equipment - Using a network of cameras, an analogue CCTV system uses a standard set up to monitor and record activity throughout a both outside and inside. Recording images and video onto DVR's (digital video recorders), these systems can additionally transmit information to your smartphone or PC via an internet link. If inspection by the police is required, recorded footage can quickly be transferred over to a CD/DVD or USB flash drive. These are intended to work as an independent CCTV system with an optional internet connection.

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IP Security Systems - With these systems the cameras can provide monitoring and recording with a wide area network, through the internet or via a local intranet. Connected to a DVR or computer, every camera has its own address and identity. One of the benefits of IP cameras is the capacity to record images and video to a remote location, such as your smartphone, so that any relevant video data can't be deleted by the intruder on site. Security must be set-up perfectly to avoid unwanted individuals from tapping into your videos.

Cloud Based CCTV Systems - Use a secure encrypted gateway to record camera footage into the "cloud". Any CCTV security system, analogue or IP, which has an internet connection is able to store their video footage to a cloud based server. These CCTV systems are typically used in combination with security monitoring companies who'll charge an annual or monthly fee to keep your property in Brentwood monitored.

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To enable them to work effectively in conditions where light is limited, modern day CCTV cameras typically come equipped with in-built infrared LEDs. An infrared camera will capture a black and white image but should still deliver a comparable resolution as that recorded in normal daytime light. It's possible, if you discover the night vision resolution does not meet your objectives, to fit specialist security lamps that create a more natural light source for your CCTV system. These can also be set to only light up if movement is picked up by the cameras, and they provide the best chance of recording colours in artificial lighting.

Take care if you're using traditional security lighting with CCTV cameras, so you don't annoy next door neighbours or shine lights directly onto a road.


You are subject to the rules within the Data Protection Act (2018), if your CCTV cameras capture any public areas or a neighbour's property. This just means that any video footage that you record is subject to the legislation, but doesn't mean that they are illegal.

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The Information Commissioner's Office can provide guidance on the legislation in regards to the monitoring and recording of public or neighbouring areas, which includes particular guidelines regarding notices to passers-by of your use of a CCTV system. To avoid any problems from the legal requirements it is best to use a dependable and certified CCTV specialist in Brentwood to install your cameras and any associated products.

Planning permission for any CCTV placed on the exterior of your property might be necessary if you're putting them onto a listed building, you are in a place of special scientific interest, you live in a national park or you live in a conservation area. Planning permission for most other houses in Brentwood won't be required if they're sited at least 2.5m above the ground and they don't protrude more than one metre from your external wall.

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Whatever your budget you should find a CCTV camera system that satisfies your needs. This could mean anything from a straightforward inside camera to monitor exit and entry, to a multiple IP system, with HD recording and motion detectors. A trustworthy security camera installation company in Brentwood will consider all your needs and constraints to offer you the best CCTV security system at an acceptable price.

A decent Brentwood company will try to stick to what you can afford, and not cut any corners which will jeopardize the performance of your camera equipment. Even if you do not have oodles of cash to spend, you should be able to expect the highest levels of service for any CCTV installation. When you're collecting your price quotes you should make sure you fully understand the service and equipment each of the companies is supplying and try to get estimates from a minimum of 3 different installers.

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Some zones might require discrete cameras, while others might call for a more noticeable presence in order to act as a deterrent to potential intruders. It has frequently been demonstrated through police reports and insurance interviews with ex-burglars, that carefully-located, skillfully installed, and highly visible CCTV systems are the best deterrent to potential thieves.

Off-the-shelf CCTV camera systems are of course easily available in electronics shops and online, therefore you might have already purchased a system and come to the conclusion that you need professional assistance with putting it up. For a CCTV specialist in Brentwood to put in your camera equipment, you don't have to purchase it exclusively through them. They will be acquainted with all models of CCTV equipment and will offer a professional service to install and configure your new system.


When selecting a CCTV security system for your Brentwood property always look out for the British Standard BS EN 62676 symbol This standard provides a useful outline to help CCTV users, installation teams and buyers in Brentwood, understand the system perfomance and requirements. Even though you don't actually have to install CCTV cameras that comes up to the British Standards, you may well not have any way to rectify the situation if it does not meet your expectations and is not of the quality and reliability that you expected.

Contractors, CCTV installation companies and trades-people should all be members of at least one acknowledged trade association within the security and camera field. Here are a few to watch out for:

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The National Security Inspectorate - This independent UK trade body only acknowledges top quality companies in the security and fire safety sector. In the certification process a security company must demonstrate their ability in the planning, maintenance and installation of CCTV systems and other security products. They will have to demonstrate that their company premises meet security industry standards, and elements that come under their demanding practice standards include issues like: installation equipment, proof of insurance, vehicle suitability, employee vetting, training records. It is largely accepted by fire services, the police and insurance providers in the United Kingdom, that members of the NSI have the foremost standards in the security and CCTV industry.

Secure By Design (SBD) - the United Kingdom's police flagship initiative Secured by Design has the goal of reducing crime by means of high quality crime prevention. They work alongside designers, builders and installers to improve the physical security of residential and industrial buildings all over the country.

The Security Institute - Recognised and respected within the UK's security sector, the SI boasts the largest membership of professional technicians and companies. The SI offers a guarantee that its 4000 plus associates and members will offer a high standard of workmanship, by using best working practices in security installation, maintenance and planning.

The British Security Industry Association - The BSIA (British Security Industry Association) is recognised as one of the largest trade organisations for professional security and CCTV firms in the United Kingdom. Every member of the BSIA must follow the Codes of Practice for the industry, and must comply with ISO 9000 legislation, and British Standards for security installations.

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Does CCTV Help Prevent Crime in Brentwood?

"Do CCTV cameras help to prevent crime?" Is a question that is regularly asked when considering both domestic and commercial security. The answer to that question appears to be - undoubtedly, yes. To ascertain whether this is in fact the case a number of research studies have been done in the UK, and they have produced some intriguing results.

A reputable insurance provider, who literally questioned former criminals as part of their research, learned that barking dogs and the presence of CCTV cameras are the two things that are most likely to forestall a break-in. When contemplating a crime or break-in, the primary concern for the offender seems to be not attracting attention to themselves where possible.

Additional studies reported by the College of Policing point out that crime can certainly be lessened by the presence of CCTV surveillance in both private and public settings. The numbers given were based upon forty one separate studies, and it was estimated that on average 16% of crimes were prevented by CCTV cameras. And, all the more noteworthy were the figures for vehicle related crime where approximately 23% of infractions were prevented. There's an even greater effect when active monitoring of the cameras in question is taking place.

The things that most put crooks off are:

  • The encouraged public use of an area.
  • The perception of the risk of being arrested.
  • The fact that possible victims are taking extra precautions.
  • The real risk of being recognised.

Video Doorbell Installation

Video doorbells have become increasingly popular in recent years as a smart home security solution. Property owners can use a smartphone app to talk and see visitors at their doorstep through a video doorbell, even if they're not physically present. Advanced security features such as night vision and motion detection are included in video doorbells to improve safety. Multiple providers in Brentwood offer installation services for video doorbells. Many local security companies offer professional installation services, ensuring that the video doorbell is properly installed and set up for optimal performance. Besides, a lot of video doorbell brands present DIY installation options, which can be a budget-friendly solution for folks who possess basic home improvement abilities. Video doorbells can offer Brentwood property owners an increased sense of security and peace of mind, whether they're installed professionally or via DIY methods.

CCTV in the Workplace

There are various reasons why CCTV might be installed in the workplace:

  • To observe employee performance.
  • To discourage damage to company property.
  • To prevent or reduce violence, theft and other offences.
  • To make sure health and safety regulations are being observed.
  • To reduce misconduct.

Care should be taken if consequences are to be averted, because in employer/employee relations, mutual trust is critical. Employers should notify their team about how long recordings will be stored, what recorded imagery will be used for, how monitoring will be undertaken, what's the intended usage of recorded imagery and what information will be captured and stored.

CCTV and Data Protection

If you're installing a CCTV system in your Brentwood home, and it's likely to collect footage from beyond the boundary of your property, then your system will be covered by the UK's data protection laws. This includes filming in areas such as a neighbour's garden, a main road or an alleyway.

You aren't actually breaking the law by doing this, but the law sees you as a "data controller" in these circumstances, and you'll have to satisfy the legal responsibilities as laid down by the Data Protection Act (2018).

You must demonstrate that you are filming such footage in a manner that entirely complies with the data protection legislation, and while doing so respects the legal rights of anyone whose activities or movements you are filming.

If you've got CCTV cameras that are recording images beyond the boundaries of your property:

  • You should at all times acknowledge subject access requests (SARs) within 30 days.
  • You must only use the system for your stated purpose, and not allow family members or others to misuse it.
  • You should let passers-by and neighbours know that you've got a CCTV system set up through clear signage.
  • You must have a distinct and justifiable basis for collecting such pictures.
  • You must securely store any captured footage, and make sure that nobody else is able to view it.
  • You must delete footage of people if they request that you do this.
  • You should not capture more video footage than is necessary to accomplish your purpose.
  • You must be able to fully explain your reasons for collecting this footage if asked.
  • Recorded footage should only be stored for as long as it's needed, and you must delete it routinely.

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If you do not want to go to the extent of having CCTV fitted or can't afford the considerable cost of a full-blown security system, you could maybe think about putting up a few dummy CCTV cameras to help deter thieves or crime. Dummy CCTV cameras are considerably cheaper than the genuine article, and you can reap the benefits of having fake CCTV cameras fitted, whether you are a householder or a business owner in Brentwood. Nowadays, the dummy CCTV cameras that are available to purchase are quite realistic, and to the untrained eye, are hard to distinguish from the genuine article.

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It's frequently stated that a dummy camera is only likely to discourage the opportunistic burglar and that seasoned criminals will not be duped by a phony device. Having said that, a house with no cameras at all will be a lot more attractive to a potential burglar, than one that has some apparent degree of security be it phony or genuine. Thus, such products can provide some benefits, given that a considerable proportion of crimes in Brentwood are undoubtedly opportunistic.

If you can make an intruder think twice about breaking into your home, there is a fairly decent chance that they will look elsewhere, and the vast majority of burglars in Brentwood, or anywhere else for that matter, favour an easy target.

Available in all shapes and sizes, for both inside and outside use, dummy CCTV cameras can be bought for as little as £6 up to £40 or more for elaborate units. (Tags: Dummy CCTV Cameras Brentwood, Fake CCTV Cameras Brentwood, Imitation CCTV Brentwood, Dummy CCTV Brentwood).

CCTV Brentwood - Dome Cameras

Not knowing what type of CCTV camera to go with when considering security options for your commercial premises or home in Brentwood is a typical dilemma that many of us face. One that you may wish to look at is the dome camera. Dome cameras are among the most favoured designs of CCTV camera that are currently available, and they have a genuine edge over other cameras in that they can be either wall or ceiling mounted. Typically installed in inaccessible locations, dome cameras are less obtrusive once set up and can film activities in an area without much fear of being put out of action or vandalised.

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If you happen to be a business owner or a manager, and you run a retail outlet, a grocery store or a restaurant in Brentwood, then you're rightly be concerned with the security of your premises. Given that theft by employees is certainly not uncommon in Brentwood, or anywhere else for that matter, you might like to keep an eye on your employees as well as your clientele, and dome cameras are an effective choice for this role.

Knowing exactly in what direction these cameras are pointing is not particularly easy, because many of them have tinted glass domes, which means they are even more effective. If there is something that perpetrators hate, it is uncertainty, and dome cameras add that extra degree of uncertainty for any person thinking of causing mischief.

Clearly, a dome camera can be a valuable security measure for your business or property in Brentwood, both for combating crime and documenting it as evidence which could be used in a prosecution.

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