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CCTV Installation Whiston Merseyside (L35): Security cameras and CCTV systems have become widespread in Whiston over the last decade, mainly due to falling costs and improvements in technology. Nevertheless the security benefits may be sacrificed if cameras are sited incorrectly or the CCTV system has been improperly designed. To eliminate any design or installment problems and get the best from your security camera system it is advisable to use a professional Whiston installation contractor with plenty of CCTV experience.

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Analogue Equipment - The standard CCTV system which can have a multi-camera installation fed into fixed recording equipment. They are capable of recording still images or continuous video footage, save them to an on-site DVR (digital video recorder), and the DVR can also be connected to the internet for remote monitoring using a tablet, computer or smartphone. The stored videos and images can be removed via DVD/CD or USB flash drive for inspection and identification of suspects by the police in a criminal investigation. Whilst these can be linked to the net, this is not essential to the functioning of the system, and can be used as standalone systems when required.

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IP Systems - With these systems the cameras provide monitoring and recording via a local intranet, through the internet or with a wide area network. Each camera has got a unique IP address which is used to link them to a DVR or computer system. Having the ability to send a live stream to your mobile is a major advantage of IP systems, and the video and images can be saved on your device for added security. But, the encryption and security features must be configured correctly to prevent any unauthorised viewing of your recordings.

Cloud Based CCTV Systems - CCTV cameras employ an internet connection via a secure encrypted server to store and save all video footage and images in the "cloud". Although this may seem to be a significant advantage, both IP and analogue security systems can also be connected to "cloud" technology. The storing of data in the "cloud" normally requires a yearly or monthly payment and will be based on the size of data you intend to store, and whether you want your videos monitored by a CCTV company.

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Today's CCTV cameras often come with built in infrared LEDs to allow for low light conditions. An infrared camera will capture a black and white image but should still produce a comparable resolution as that recorded in daylight. If you discover that the resolution produced by infrared isn't good enough for your CCTV's requirements, it is possible to install extra lighting to create a natural light. When combined with a CCTV system this lighting delivers a natural looking source of light and can be configured to light up only when your camera detects movement in its vicinity.

Be thoughtful if you are using traditional security lighting with CCTV, so as not to aggravate nearby neighbours or shine light directly onto a road.


If your CCTV cameras record any public areas or a neighbouring property you are governed by the legislation within the Data Protection Act. That's not to say you aren't permitted to monitor activity on your property or make use of your cameras, only that any video footage has to be safeguarded in agreement with the regulations laid down by the Act.

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Advice on your legal obligations with regards to the recording of public spaces, and precise information on notices to the general public about your use of CCTV should be obtained from the Information Commissioner's Office. You can make certain that all legal obligations are satisfied by choosing a competent CCTV installation company in Whiston for the installing of your CCTV system.

Unless you are putting them on a listed building, you are in a place of scientific interest, you live in a conservation area or you live within a national park, you probably won't need to get planning permission for your CCTV cameras. You will be able to avoid planning permission if any camera and lighting system is mounted at least 2.5 metres above the ground and does not project more than one metre from your property's walls.

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Whatever your budget is you should be able to find a CCTV system that matches your needs. The most affordable security system may still be able to offer you remote monitoring and recording from a single camera, whilst a multi camera, motion detection system linked to your burglar alarm and monitored remotely by a specialist company, will naturally be at the higher end of the budget level. A responsible security camera installation company in Whiston will consider all your constraints and needs to offer you the most suitable CCTV apparatus at the right price.

The advantage of using a trustworthy installer is that they won't try to sell you gadgets or equipment that's not actually needed. A genuine Whiston company will provide you with a high standard of service, from purchase right through to installation, repair and maintenance, even if you're restricted by how much you can invest in your CCTV equipment. It is generally good advice to get a minimum of three different estimates for the equipment you wish to put in.

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Concealed cameras may be better for certain parts of a property, but to act as a deterrent to burglars and trespassers others may need to be more visible. You may be intrigued to know that during interviews with former burglars, the police force and insurance companies uncovered the fact that well-located, professionally fitted and visible CCTV security cameras are the biggest deterrent.

CCTV equipment is of course readily available in electronics stores and on the internet, therefore you may have bought some equipment already and realised that you need assistance with installing it in your house. Most CCTV installers in and around Whiston will still put in your equipment, even if you acquired it from another supplier. They are likely to be familiar with any brand you've bought, and by drawing on their experience of the various different CCTV systems available, will be able to install and set up your new equipment quickly and efficiently.


When picking a CCTV system for your Whiston property look for the British Standard (BS EN 62676) symbol The standards set down in BS EN 62676 states the operational criteria for the equipment, and instructions on the best way to position and install the CCTV camera system for the best effect. If you've got non-British Standard CCTV equipment installed and it does not live up to the quality levels offered by the installation company, or even your own requirements, you may find it difficult to rectify the situation later.

A competent CCTV contractor should have membership of a trade body, or have affiliations with an accredited security association. Therefore it's a good idea to check this out before picking one. The following are the major UK security trade organisations:

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Secure By Design - Secured by Design, works alongside the security industry as an external body and acts as a guageable standard for the suitability of projects and products. They work with designers, builders and installers to strengthen the security of residential and industrial buildings all across the country.

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) - When it comes to Great Britain's CCTV and security sector, the BSIA is one of the main trade associations. BSIA members are authentic security companies and contractors who comply with all of the ISO 9000 regulations and British Standards, and observe the industry's Code of Practice.

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) - Offering recognition to the best quality CCTV installation, security and fire safety firms throughout the British Isles, the National Security Inspectorate is a recognised and trusted independent professional body. The NSI membership application is a rigorous procedure and involves demonstrations of a firm's capability to design, install and maintain a range of CCTV and other security systems. Lots of details are covered by their demanding codes of practice, including employee vetting, training records, insurances, vehicle suitability, installation equipment, and even company premises' suitability. Fire & rescue services, insurance providers in the United Kingdom and the EU all acknowledge NSI members as having the highest standards within the fire safety and security industry.

The Security Institute (SI) - The SI boasts the largest membership of specialist security technicians and contractors in Great Britain. The SI has over 4000 registered members from all aspects of the security sector and promotes professional competence, best working practices and setting the highest security standards for all its members.

CCTV systems are being installed in Whiston virtually every day, so it is quite possible that somebody you know will have had CCTV installed recently, so ask friends and acquaintances for a recommendation. Word of mouth is often regarded as much better than reviews or commercial advertising, since it gives a better idea of quality, and comes straight from the mouth of someone you trust. You should compile a list of at least two or three CCTV installers and obtain a price quote from each one.

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CCTV specialists can be located in the Whiston area, together with: Treeton, Tinsley, Woodhouse Mill, Brinsworth, Pismire Hill, Canklow, Meadowhall, Deepdale, Bradgate, Handsworth, Dalton, Darnall, Kimberworth, Catcliffe, Sheffield, Rotherham, plus places with postcodes like: L35 2UX, L35 3UZ, L35 2XA, L35 3QT, L35 3TF, L35 3JZ, L35 3SB, L35 3SF, L35 3RH, L35 3SN. Whiston CCTV installers will typically have the phone code 0151 and the postcode L35. This is something to check if you favour using a locally based CCTV installer. Whiston people can use and benefit from these CCTV and security services.

CCTV in the Workplace

Companies might opt to install CCTV in a workplace for a variety of reasons:

  • To ensure health and safety rules are being complied with.
  • To prevent theft, violence or other offences.
  • To reduce misconduct.
  • To prevent damage caused to company property.
  • To raise productivity and monitor the performance of employees.

Given that mutual trust is critical in employee/employer relations, this should be carried out with a degree of care. Employees should be kept fully informed about what information is likely to be captured and stored, how long recordings will be stored, what the intended use of recorded footage is, how any recording will be achieved and what captured footage is going to be used for.

Does CCTV Reduce Crime in Whiston?

A popular question which is frequently asked in relation to home security is "Do CCTV cameras prevent crime?" Most definitely yes, appears to be the answer to that question. In recent years several studies have been carried out to ascertain whether this is the case or not, and some enlightening results have come out of this research.

A reputable insurance firm, who questioned former burglars as part of their research, discovered that barking dogs and the presence of CCTV cameras are the 2 situations that are most likely to prevent a break-in. When contemplating a crime or break-in, the key worry for the perpetrator seems to be not attract attention to themselves where possible.

Also the topic of a College of Policing review, CCTV cameras in both public and private settings were found to significantly reduce the likelihood of criminal activity. Based upon 41 independent studies, around 16% of crimes were averted by CCTV cameras. The results were even more substantial with regards to vehicle related crime, where a remarkable 23% drop was reported. There's an even more striking effect when active monitoring of the CCTV cameras in question is taking place.

Burglars are predominantly put off by:

  • The real likelihood of being arrested.
  • The increased use of a protected area by the public.
  • The perception that their chances of being caught and arrested is increased.
  • The fact that potential victims are taking extra precautions.

Can CCTV Lower My Insurance Costs?

We're often asked about this, and the answer we generally give is "Not Really". A minimal discount could be offered by certain insurance companies, where CCTV is installed, but generally only when it is being used alongside a burglar alarm or more elaborate security system. Even with an intruder alarm, a lot of insurance firms will not give you a reduction unless it is professionally installed.

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Basically, how much contents insurance you need, where you live (your precise postcode) and the value of your property, are the primary details that determine the amount you pay for your home insurance. Actually, the predominant consideration is the crime rate in your area.

If you consider this from the insurance company's perspective, they may be wondering why you're putting in CCTV in the first place, because the reality is that most homes in Whiston are still not protected by cameras. It could be that there has been a crime surge in your area and you're taking extra precautions - this could be regarded as a heightened risk by insurers.

When all is said and done, the real reasons for CCTV installation ought to be that it raises your sense of security, it supplies evidence in the event of an offence or break-in and it deters intruders.

CCTV Signs Whiston

When they're thinking of installing CCTV in Whiston, many householders are uncertain about whether or not they need to put up signage. And there is no doubt that it can be puzzling for some folks. So, researching the latest rules and regulations that surround CCTV systems is always worth doing.

If you're putting CCTV into a domestic property in Whiston, you do not "have to" put up signs providing that you don't record any images of locations outside the perimeter of your own property. If you're capturing pictures from a public footpath, an alley, a next door neighbours' garden, an adjacent road or a public park, you will need to erect signs.

If you own a business in Whiston, and have a CCTV system installed on your premises, you will have to put up signs for the benefit of both your staff and the general public. Clear and conspicuous signage is especially important when CCTV cameras have been installed where people wouldn't normally expect to be watched over or in discreet and out of the way places. Clearly visible and readable signs should be installed, and info should also be displayed concerning exactly who is operating the system, together with how they can be contacted.

Given that the signs themselves can be a serious deterrent to anybody intent on crime or out to cause mischief, it's still a smart idea to install signs, even if you are not required to do so.

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Also find: Catcliffe CCTV installers, Deepdale CCTV installers, Meadowhall CCTV installers, Dalton CCTV installers, Brinsworth CCTV installers, Rotherham CCTV installers, Handsworth CCTV installers, Pismire Hill CCTV installers, Darnall CCTV installers, Sheffield CCTV installers, Bradgate CCTV installers, Tinsley CCTV installers, Treeton CCTV installers, Woodhouse Mill CCTV installers, Canklow CCTV installers, Kimberworth CCTV installation services and more. Most of these places are covered by companies who install CCTV. Whiston home and property owners can get CCTV installation quotations by going here.

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CCTV Installation Around Whiston: Households in Greene's Road, Pine Close, Lake View, Ravenhurst Way, Two Butt Lane, Harptree Close, Willow Avenue, Pinnington Road, Shaw Entry, Doulton Place, Orchard Gardens, Dalewood Gardens, Fire Station Road, Sherwood Drive, Windsor Road, Cedar Close, Fisher Place, Cumber Lane, Littlewood Close, Brackenwood Grove, Holt Lane, Ariss Grove, Cook Glades, Stanwood Gardens, Litchborough Grove, Pennywood Drive, Pottery Close, Alder Close, Priory Close, have needed CCTV installation recently. Home security work was also undertaken in the following local Whiston postcodes: L35 2UX, L35 3UZ, L35 2XA, L35 3QT, L35 3TF, L35 3JZ, L35 3SB, L35 3SF, L35 3RH, L35 3SN. Work was undertaken in these locations by specialists in CCTV. Whiston home and business owners benefited from reliable and professional security services.

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