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CCTV Installation Uxbridge Greater London (UB8): Closed-circuit television, more widely known as CCTV, is a camera-based surveillance system that is used for security purposes and to monitor commercial premises, residential properties, buildings, land and public places such as council buildings, parks and leisure complexes in Uxbridge. A CCTV system is basically a network of cameras, that may be wired or wireless, which transmit recordings by way of signals or a wi-fi connection, to monitors on which they can be observed either as still images or moving video in real time or at a later date. Since there are many different kinds of CCTV available to purchase in Uxbridge, each of which offers different features and have to be utilised in different ways, the installation of CCTV by a professional is recommended.

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Analogue CCTV Equipment - Employing a series of cameras, an analogue CCTV system uses a standard setup to record and monitor activity both outside and inside a property. DVR's are used for storing the recorded images and video footage, and viewing remotely can be accomplished on a computer or smartphone by connecting it to the net. If the police need to look at evidence that's been recorded on the system, it can be transferred to a DVD/CD or USB drive for easy viewing. While these can be linked to the net, this isn't essential to the functioning of the system, and they can be used as independent systems when required. A CCTV system with remote viewing functions can offer enhanced accessibility and convenience, giving you the ability to view live footage of your property or home from anywhere with access to the internet.

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Internet Protocol (IP) Systems - With these CCTV systems the cameras provide recording and monitoring via a local intranet, with a wide area network or through the internet. Each of the cameras has got its own independent IP address and links to a gateway on a computer system or DVR. The advantage with IP systems is the capacity to record video and images to another location, including your mobile, so any relevant footage cannot be deleted on-site by an intruder. Security has to be set-up properly to avoid unwanted individuals from observing your images.

Cloud CCTV Systems - CCTV cameras use an online connection via an encrypted server to store all images and video footage in what they call a "cloud". Both analogue and IP systems can use cloud based technology in addition to their standard recording functions. To store data in the cloud normally requires a yearly or monthly fee and is determined by how much data you want to store, and whether you want your home in Uxbridge by a CCTV security company.

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For successful recording in even the gloomiest of conditions, a lot of CCTV cameras on the market now come with some form of infrared lighting built-in. The advantage of this is that infrared cameras will capture video of a similar resolution to that recorded in daylight conditions, but it will be in black and white. If you find the resolution produced by infrared cameras is not clear enough for your CCTV's requirements, you'll be able to install external security lighting to provide a more natural light. These can be configured to turn on only if the camera detects movement, and they provide you with the most effective options for recording colours in artificial light conditions.

Motion sensor lighting can be used with CCTV nonetheless, as is the case with any security lighting they shouldn't shine directly into the eyes of passing motorists or into neighbour's properties and gardens.


You are no longer exempt from the stipulations of the Data Protection Act, if you have domestic CCTV cameras which record footage over your property's perimeter, and into a neighbouring garden or onto the street. This doesn't mean you're not permitted to use your CCTV cameras or monitor any activity, but it does mean that any footage must be secured as outlined by the regulations.

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You should contact the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) for advice on the particular rules on notices and signage for your CCTV camera system if you happen to be monitoring a public area or space belonging to somebody else. To be sure that all the legal obligations are observed with regard to monitoring public areas and positioning cameras, you should employ a qualified CCTV installation specialist in Uxbridge, rather than go down the do-it-yourself route.

If your property is within a national park, is in an area of special scientific interest, is in a conservation area or is a listed building, you will have to check with your local council if planning permission for CCTV is needed. Planning permission for the vast majority of other buildings in Uxbridge will not be necessary if they are positioned more than 2.5 mtrs above ground level and they don't jut out more than a metre from your exterior walls.

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Budgets should not need to be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing the perfect CCTV security system for your house in Uxbridge and there are models on the market to suit everybody. From a simple internal camera to capture entry and exit, to a multi-point IP camera system, with high definition recording and motion detection alarm linked devices. An honest and professional CCTV installation specialist in Uxbridge will only fit equipment you need to fit your specific situation.

A right-minded Uxbridge installer will try to stick to what you can afford, and not cut any corners which will compromise the performance of your camera system. It should not matter how much money you invest in your CCTV equipment, a trustworthy company in Uxbridge will be dedicated to providing the highest level of service. Whatever equipment you desire to install, it's generally advisable to get at least 3 different price quotes.

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CCTV cameras that are visible offer a deterrent to criminals, yet hidden systems with the correct signs can be just as effectual in some situations. When ex-thieves have been asked about what is primary deterrent to them breaking into a property, they have most frequently said that along with a barking dog it is well-positioned, professionally installed and visible CCTV camera systems.

You could of course have already invested in off-the-shelf CCTV equipment that you are not at all confident in setting-up yourself. In such a case you could possibly need a little bit of help. Even if you haven't bought the device from them, your local Uxbridge CCTV installation company will be there to help. With their expertise in the various different CCTV equipment available, they're likely to be familiar with any model you've purchased, and will be able to swiftly and efficiently set up and fit your brand new equipment.


You should look out for CCTV systems that carry the British Standard (BS EN 62676) for the monitoring of your Uxbridge property. The standards set down in BS EN 62676 stipulates the operational parameters for the equipment, and guidelines on the best way to install and site the CCTV security system for the best effect. Although you do not have to put in a CCTV system with the British Standards mark, you may not have any way to resolve the situation if it doesn't meet your expectations and is not of the quality and reliability that you envisioned.

To make certain you're using the services of a respectable CCTV installation company you should watch out for affiliation or membership of an established trade body within the sector. In the UK the main security related trade bodies include:

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Secure By Design (SBD) - This government backed SBD initiative is led by police forces across the UK for the reduction of crime. Its goals are to strengthen the security of all properties by working alongside building firms, architects and security companies.

The British Security Industry Association - The BSIA (British Security Industry Association), which has its base in London and Worcester, is a British professional association representing the UK security and CCTV sector, and was formed in 1967. All of its signed up members must abide by the security industry's Codes of Practice, British Standards for CCTV and security installations and conform to ISO 9000 regulations.

The National Security Inspectorate - Offering recognition to high quality fire safety, CCTV installation and security companies in the British Isles, the National Security Inspectorate is a trusted and respected independent trade organisation. Obtaining membership of the NSI is by no means simple, and prospective companies must show their ability to install, design and maintain security systems and CCTV equipment. They must also show that suitability of vehicles, training records, installation equipment, proof of insurance, staff vetting, and even the suitability of company premises, all come under the exacting standards of their codes of practice. In the UK, it is widely recognised as the foremost standard by insurance companies, police forces and fire services.

The SI - Security Institute - The industry body which has the biggest membership of security contractors and companies in the UK is called the SI (Security Institute). By promoting best working practices and guaranteeing the expertise of its registered members, it sets high standards for its 4,500 plus members in all areas of security.

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Will CCTV Lower the Cost of My Insurance?

We are regularly asked about this, and the answer we most often give is "Not Really". When used in combination with an intruder alarm or a more elaborate security system, a CCTV installation could get you a small discount from certain insurance companies. Many home insurers won't even give you a discount for a security alarm unless it is professionally installed, which is of course the most expensive option.

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Essentially, the property value, your postcode and what level of contents insurance you need, are the main factors that fix the amount of insurance you pay. Actually, the overriding factor is the current crime rate in your area.

The fact remains that the majority of properties in Uxbridge still do not have CCTV, and if you consider this from the insurers perspective, they may wonder why you're choosing to install cameras. It may be that there has been a crime surge in your part of Uxbridge and you are taking additional precautions - this could be regarded as a heightened risk by your insurance company.

At the end of the day, the most important reasons for CCTV installation ought to be that it improves your sense of security, it deters burglars and it supplies evidence in case of an offence or break-in.

CCTV System Design and Planning Uxbridge

Design and planning are essential elements of a CCTV system installation. Collaborative planning between installation companies and customers is essential for developing CCTV systems that are tailored to specific security needs.

Installing an efficiently designed CCTV system can prevent unlawful activities and assist in the collection of valuable evidence. During the planning process, the company will consider factors such as the layout and size of the property, the number and type of cameras needed, and the storage and retrieval of recorded footage.

The installation and design of a CCTV system are best left to the experts, and partnering with a professional installation company can ensure that it's done correctly. By providing comprehensive planning, design, installation, and maintenance services, a CCTV installer can provide customers with peace of mind and help them to protect their property and assets.

Does CCTV Reduce Crime?

"Do CCTV cameras help to prevent crime?" Is a question which is frequently asked in connection with both home and business security. The answer to that question seems to be - undoubtedly, yes. Several research has been carried out in the United Kingdom to determine whether or not this is the case, and the results have been fairly illuminating.

According to research by a major insurance company who questioned former thieves, the 2 things that are most likely to prevent a break-in are CCTV cameras and barking dogs. Not attracting any attention seems to be the key concern of the offender when considering a break-in or crime.

Also the theme of a College of Policing review, CCTV surveillance in both public and private settings were indeed found to significantly decrease the incidence of criminal activity. The figures given were based on 41 individual studies, and an average of 16% of crimes were prevented by CCTV cameras. And, all the more noteworthy were the results for vehicle crimes where about 23% of offences were prevented. There's an even greater effect when active monitoring of the CCTV cameras is occurring.

Felons are mostly thought to be put off by:

  • The fact that potential victims or crime are taking additional security precautions.
  • The increased use of a protected area by the public.
  • The perception that their risk of being arrested is increased.
  • The actual likelihood of being caught.

Night Vision CCTV Uxbridge

What is Night Vision CCTV? - Night vision CCTV is a type of security camera that utilises infrared technology for providing video surveillance in low light conditions or complete darkness. The cameras have an infrared light source that illuminates the area being recorded and records video through the use of an image sensor. This allows the camera to create clear images even in conditions with minimal or no ambient light. The recorded video clips can then be viewed on a monitor, or stored for later use.

Night vision CCTV is commonly used in various applications for example home security, law enforcement and surveillance in Uxbridge. The cameras can be connected to a bigger security system and linked with a network for remote viewing. Night vision CCTV cameras generally have a range of IR illumination, allowing them to capture clear images at different distances. Some camera systems also boast adjustable IR intensity, permitting users to modify the illumination level depending on the existing lighting conditions. Moreover, some cameras have a built-in IR cut filter, which cuts off IR light during the day to produce accurate colour footage.

Popular CCTV Brands

  • Swann
  • Hikvision
  • Sannce
  • Axis
  • Honeywell
  • Dahua
  • Hanwha Techwin
  • Panasonic
  • Yale
  • Idis

Fake CCTV Cameras Uxbridge

If you do not wish to go to the lengths of having CCTV installed or can't really afford the outlay of a comprehensive security system, you could perhaps think about sticking up a few fake CCTV cameras to help prevent criminal activity or discourage intruders. Dummy CCTV cameras are substantially cheaper than the genuine article, and you could reap the benefits of having fake CCTV cameras fitted, whether you are a home or business owner in Uxbridge. Nowadays, the dummy CCTV cameras that are available to purchase are very realistic, and to the untrained eye, are difficult to distinguish from the real thing.

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It is frequently stated that dummy CCTV cameras are only likely to deter the opportunist intruder and that seasoned criminals will not be deceived by a phony camera. A dummy camera, should however, make your premises much less appealing than an entirely unshielded one having no cameras at all. And, when you take into consideration the point that a fair proportion of crimes committed in Uxbridge are indeed opportunistic, the benefits are obvious.

The vast majority of burglars in Uxbridge, or anywhere else for that matter, prefer a property that is easy to break into, and if you can make them think twice about targeting your home, there's a high probability that they'll go elsewhere to find easier pickings.

Dummy CCTV cameras are available in all sizes and shapes and range in price from about £6 to £30 or £40 or more for elaborate versions. They're available for use both internally and externally.

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The array of services and tasks that can be conducted by your local CCTV installer are wide and varied, and will usually include things like CCTV repair services, security camera installation Uxbridge, remote access CCTV in Uxbridge, cheap CCTV systems, CCTV camera installations, CCTV installations in Uxbridge, home security lighting, gate & door intercom systems, infra red CCTV camera installation, fixed mesh grilles, pan, zoom & tilt CCTV cameras Uxbridge, CCTV hard drives, outbuilding CCTV installations, CCTV dummy cameras, CCTV kits in Uxbridge, smart CCTV, domestic CCTV installations in Uxbridge, business CCTV camera systems, external CCTV, access control system installation, industrial CCTV installations, day & night vision CCTV, CCTV systems for homes Uxbridge, video doorbell installation, fire alarm installations, security cameras Uxbridge, box cameras, door entry systems, CCTV site surveys Uxbridge, dome cameras, CCTV wireless cameras, thermal sensor CCTV systems, home CCTV installation, farm CCTV installation, professional CCTV installation Uxbridge, and others not mentioned. This is just a taste of the services on offer from a local provider of CCTV. Uxbridge companies will be delighted to keep you abreast of their whole range of CCTV services. If there happen to be some other Uxbridge CCTV or security requirements that you want but cannot see here, you should mention them on the QUOTE FORM provided.

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