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CCTV Installation Reigate Surrey (RH2): With technology improvements and falling costs, CCTV and security cameras have become commonplace in Reigate on both residential and commercial buildings. But a poorly designed and installed CCTV system may not offer the security benefits you are looking for. It is highly recommended that if you're thinking of installing security cameras on your home or business premises in Reigate, you use the experience and knowledge of a competent CCTV installation firm.

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Analogue Systems - The standard CCTV system which can have a multi-camera installation feeding into a stationary recording device. They're able to record video and images to on-site Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and are able to provide a link to the internet for remote viewing via your smartphone, tablet or PC. If inspection by the police is necessary, recorded footage can quickly be copied to a USB drive or DVD/CD. While these can be connected to the internet, this isn't essential for the functioning of the system, and they can be employed as standalone systems when that is good enough for your requirements. However, for added convenience and accessibility, it's worth considering a CCTV system with remote viewing functions, allowing you to view your property's footage in real-time from anyplace with an internet connection.

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Internet Protocol (IP) Systems - With these CCTV systems the cameras provide monitoring and recording with a wide area network, via a local intranet or through the internet. Each camera has got its own independent IP address and links to a gateway on a DVR or computer system. Having the capacity to send notifications to your smart phone is a big advantage of IP systems, and the video and images can also be stored on your device for additional security. To stop any unauthorised viewing of the images and video footage, the security and encryption features must be configured in the correct way.

Cloud Based CCTV Systems - Employ a secure encrypted gateway to record to "cloud" storage. Any CCTV system, analogue or IP, which has got access to the internet is able to store its recordings to a cloud. Typically used by security monitoring companies in Reigate, these "cloud" systems will generally come with an annual or monthly payment plan (which may be determined by the amount of storage required).

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Today's CCTV cameras often come complete with built-in infrared lighting to allow for low light conditions. The images recorded by an infrared could be of a marginally lower resolution when compared with those captured in normal daylight and they will always be in black and white owing to the peculiarities of low light recording devices. You can fit security lighting with specialist lamps to generate a natural light, if there is an overly large difference in resolution. These offer you the best possible chance of recording colours in artificial lighting, and can also be configured to only light up if your camera picks up movement.

Sensor security lights can be used alongside CCTV cameras however, as with any security lighting they should not shine directly into the eyes of passing motorists or into neighbour's properties.


You're no longer exempt from the Data Protection Act (2018), if you've got domestic CCTV cameras which capture images over the boundary of your property, into a neighbouring garden or onto the street. This Act does not mean its illegal to use these CCTV cameras, however any records stored must be safeguarded from potential misuse for anybody who's captured in the video recordings.

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Advice on your legal obligations regarding the recording of public areas, and targeted instructions regarding disclosure signs to the general public of your usage of CCTV can be gleaned from the Information Commissioner's Office. To forestall any issues with your legal obligations it is advisable to bring in a reputable and professional CCTV installation firm in Reigate to install your CCTV system and any related devices.

Planning permission for any CCTV placed on the outside of your home might be necessary if you live in a conservation area, you're putting them onto a listed building, you are in a place of scientific interest or you live within a national park. Planning permission can be avoided on the majority of other buildings in Reigate so long as the security cameras do not stick out from your external walls by more than 1 metre and they're installed at least two and a half metres from the ground.

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Financial budgets shouldn't need to be a deciding factor when it comes to picking an appropriate CCTV camera system for your home in Reigate and there are packages available to suit everyone. This might involve anything from a straightforward internal camera to document entry and exit, to a multiple IP system, with motion detecting alarm linked equipment and HD recording. To install a system that fits your individual circumstances and needs it's a good idea to hire a certified Reigate CCTV specialist.

A trustworthy Reigate installation company should also do all that they can to ensure that costs are kept within your budget constraints, without making any shortcuts. It shouldn't matter how much cash you invest in a CCTV system, an experienced company in Reigate will be focused on providing the highest level of service. You should always get quotations from at least three different security companies and ensure that you understand precisely the equipment and service that they're offering.

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Certain locations might need hidden cameras, whilst others might call for a more visible presence in order to act as a deterrent to potential burglars. When former burglars were asked about what is main deterrent to them breaking into a house, they have frequently said that it is highly visible, well-located and expertly fitted CCTV security cameras.

If you have bought a CCTV security system from an online supplier or electronics shop, you will still be able to get professional assistance in its siting and installation. You do not need to have bought your CCTV equipment from your local Reigate CCTV installers to be able to have them install it for you. With their knowledge of the various different CCTV cameras on the market, they are likely to be informed about any brand you've purchased, and will quickly and efficiently set up and install your brand new equipment.


Surveillance camera equipment that is installed on your Reigate property should meet the British Standards for CCTV, BS EN 62676. This British Standard provides a useful framework to help CCTV consumers, users and fitters in Reigate, understand the system perfomance and requirements. Equipment can be fitted that does not have the British Standards mark, however the reliability and quality won't have been scrutinised and you may not have any recourse after its been installed if it doesn't meet your high expectations.

To guarantee you are using the services of a reliable CCTV company you should always look for affiliation or membership of an established trade body within the field. Here are a few to look out for:

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The British Security Industry Association - This is one of the main trade association for the security sector in the United Kingdom. Signed up BSIA members are accredited security companies and contractors who comply with all of the British Standards and ISO 9000 regulations, and observe the security industry's Code of Practice.

Secure By Design (SBD) - Secure by Design is a flagship police security initiative set up with the aim or reducing crime. The SBD liaises closely with building firms, security companies and designers to improve the security of residential and industrial buildings all over the UK.

The SI - Security Institute - The Security Institute (or SI) is the largest of all the trade associations for security professionals. With over 4,500 registered members, the Security Institute guarantees its certified members will deliver the highest possible security standards by using best practices and following Codes of Conduct at all stages of planning, maintenance and installation.

The National Security Inspectorate - As an independent trade association, the National Security Inspectorate promotes the security industry by recommending the best security companies and CCTV installers throughout the country. There is a tough process involved with obtaining NSI membership, and prospective members must demonstrate their abilities in maintaining, installing and designing security equipment and CCTV systems. Lots of things fall under their stringent codes of practice, including proof of insurance, staff vetting, installation equipment, vehicle suitability, training records, and even company premises' suitability. Police forces, the fire and rescue services, and the major insurance companies in the UK all recognise NSI members as upholding the highest working standards within the fire safety and security industry.

A recommendation by family, friends or neighbours is an excellent place to begin when you're looking for a CCTV installer, but this should not necessarily be the sole factor that affects your choice. Favourable word of mouth endorsements are preferred by most householders in Reigate (over 80% according to studies), therefore if you know of a friend or family member who has had CCTV installed, ask if they are prepared to recommend somebody. It is still a good idea to obtain at least 3 or 4 quotes from other tradesmen locally, even if a specific CCTV company has been highly recommended by someone you know.

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CCTV services can be obtained in Reigate itself, in the following postcodes: RH2 0PT, RH1 2DE, RH2 0AR, RH2 0NR, RH2 0PE, RH2 0DB, RH2 0LU, RH2 0LT, RH1 6AY, and RH2 0ED, and also in neighbouring locations like South Park, Hooley, Wrays, Mickleham, Buckland, The Acres, Beare Green, South Nutfield, Betchworth, Irons Bottom, Salfords, Sidlow. CCTV installers from Reigate will typically have the postcode RH2 and the telephone code 01737. This is of course something that you can confirm if you prefer to use a local installer of CCTV. Reigate householders can use and enjoy these CCTV and security services.

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Notices or signs indicating that a location in Reigate is watched by a CCTV system are known as CCTV signage. CCTV signage aims to serve as a deterrent to anti-social behaviour or criminal activity while informing people that their movements and actions are under surveillance.

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If CCTV surveillance extends beyond the boundary of a property in the United Kingdom, legal regulations necessitate appropriate signage that complies with particular standards and specifications. As an illustration, the signs are required to be clearly seen and readable, and they must include information like the name of the person or organisation responsible for the cameras and the process for interested parties to access the recorded video footage.

The implementation of CCTV signage is vital for a modern CCTV system, ensuring that camera usage adheres to local legal regulations and requirements. It contributes to accountability and transparency in CCTV usage, thereby building trust and gaining support from workers, neighbours, and the general public. (CCTV Signage Reigate)

Does CCTV Help Prevent Crime?

A popular question that is often asked in relation to home security is "Do CCTV cameras prevent crime?" The answer seems to be - most definitely, yes. To verify whether this is in fact the case several research studies have been carried out in the UK, and they have come up with some illuminating results.

The 2 things that are most likely to forestall a break-in are CCTV cameras and barking dogs, according to research done by a reputable insurance provider who questioned former burglars. It seems that the main issue or concern when considering a crime is to refrain from any action that's likely to attract attention.

Further evidence that crime can be lowered by the existence of CCTV cameras in both public and private settings was outlined by the College of Policing. It was estimated that on average 16% of criminal offences were prevented by CCTV cameras, and this data was based upon 41 independent studies. The results were even more substantial with respect to crimes relating to vehicles, where an impressive 23% reduction was recorded. This impact appears to be even more pronounced when the cameras are actively monitored.

The main issues that mostly put criminals off are:

  • The real likelihood of being arrested.
  • The awareness that their chances of being caught is increased.
  • The increased use of a protected area by the public.
  • The fact that additional precautions are being taken by potential victims or crime.

Night Vision CCTV Cameras

What is Night Vision CCTV? - Night vision CCTV is a security camera system that's equipped with infrared (IR) technology that enables the cameras to capture clear video and images in low light or no light conditions. The IR technology illuminates the area being monitored and creates footage in black and white, providing a clear view even in total darkness.

Night vision CCTV is frequently used in various applications for example law enforcement, surveillance and home security in Reigate. These cameras can be combined with a bigger security system and linked with a network for viewing remotely. Night vision CCTV cameras usually have a range of IR illumination, enabling them to capture clear images at various distances. Some cameras also have adjustable IR intensity, allowing users to adjust the level of illumination according to the existing lighting conditions. Additionally, some night vision cameras have a built-in IR cut filter, which cuts off IR light during the day time to produce accurate colour footage.

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If you cannot really afford proper CCTV cameras or don't want to go to the extreme of having a comprehensive security system installed, there is still the option of putting up some dummy CCTV cameras instead. Dummy CCTV cameras are considerably cheaper than the real thing, and you could reap the benefits of having fake/dummy CCTV cameras installed, whether you're a business or home owner in Reigate. Nowadays, the dummy cameras that are available to purchase are very realistic, and to the untrained eye, are difficult to distinguish from the real thing.

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We are often told that a determined criminal will rarely be duped by a fake camera and that it is only the opportunist burglar that will be discouraged by this type of deterrent. A dummy camera, should however, make your property much less appealing than a completely unprotected one having no cameras at all. And additionally, a considerable percentage of criminal offenses in Reigate are indeed opportunist, so there are certainly benefits to be had.

In Reigate (or anyplace else for that matter), most criminals prefer an easy target, and there is a fairly decent chance that they will look elsewhere for easier pickings if you can make them think twice about trying to enter your home or business premises.

Dummy CCTV cameras can be found in all sizes and designs and range in price from as little as £6 to £30 or £40 for more sophisticated versions. They're available for use both internally and externally.

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The convergence of security needs and modern technology has led to the development of CCTV integration, which offers a new and innovative way to surveil and manage operations. As security threats evolve in the digital age, integrating CCTV systems with other technologies is a key strategy for ensuring comprehensive coverage and optimising efficiency.

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The fusion of CCTV camera systems with diverse operational and security technologies is what CCTV integration is all about, at its core. This integration spans a range of components, from motion sensors to building management systems, with video analytics, access control systems, alarms and intercoms. Institutions, businesses and organisations in Reigate can achieve an all-encompassing approach to security that transcends traditional surveillance limitations by interconnecting these elements into a single framework.

CCTV integration yields a multitude of advantages. Different security components are seamlessly linked, enabling real-time monitoring to take on a new dimension and allowing for a unified and speedy response to emerging threats. Security personnel can manage multiple systems from a single interface thanks to centralised control, a trademark of integration, which simplifies the challenging task of monitoring varied security assets. Not only does simplifying operations save time, but it also enhances the effectiveness of security staff.

CCTV integration significantly boosts operational efficiency. Amalgamating security and operational technologies is a vital strategy for businesses to optimise resource usage and reduce surplusses. This translates into cost benefits and a more sustainable strategy to security. Additionally, the integration of different security components enhances incident response. When video analytics detects suspicious activity, access control systems are engaged, alarms are triggered and alerts are issued - all in a synchronised manner. This orchestrated response improves situational awareness, enabling a preemptive stance against potential threats.

Collaboration is improved through CCTV integration. Connecting diverse security features within an organisation's framework allows departments and team members to coordinate efforts and share information effortlessly. This seamless collaboration improves overall security management and ensures a better response to incidents.

Nonetheless, integrating CCTV successfully calls for expertise and careful planning. Businesses in Reigate can leverage the expertise of certified experts to design and implement integrated solutions tailored to their particular needs. For the system to function optimally, security risks, scalability concerns and compatibility issues need to be addressed.

To sum up, the synergy between security requisites and technology is epitomised by CCTV integration. Levels of surveillance and operational efficiency once deemed unattainable by Reigate businesses and organisations, are made possible by integrating CCTV systems with other operational and security technologies. Providing enhanced collaboration, streamlined operations, centralised control and real-time monitoring continues to be a pivotal strategy for modern-day security management. (81736 - CCTV Integration Reigate)

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There are a wide array of tasks that can be undertaken by your nearby Reigate CCTV installer, including mesh grilles, security cameras, CCTV hard drives, dummy CCTV cameras, the installation of security cameras, commercial CCTV installations, farm CCTV installation, video analytics setup for CCTV cameras, box cameras, vandal-proof CCTV system installation, CCTV camera system rental, the installation of CCTV security cameras, analogue CCTV installation, professional CCTV installation in Reigate, infra red CCTV camera installation, domestic CCTV installation in Reigate, night & day vision CCTV cameras, CCTV installation, CCTV kits, dummy CCTV installation, access control systems in Reigate, CCTV wireless cameras, smart tracking CCTV, the installation of CCTV cameras, security camera installation, monitored CCTV, bespoke CCTV installation, smartphone CCTV installation in Reigate, CCTV signage, indoor CCTV, and lots more. If you've got CCTV requirements in Reigate, that you can't see here, you could go HERE and complete our quote form.

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Also find: Mickleham CCTV installers, Salfords CCTV installers, South Park CCTV installers, South Nutfield CCTV installers, Beare Green CCTV installers, Buckland CCTV installers, Hooley CCTV installers, Wrays CCTV installers, Irons Bottom CCTV installers, Betchworth CCTV installers, The Acres CCTV installers, Sidlow CCTV installers and more. All these villages and towns are catered for by companies who install CCTV systems. These seasoned professionals, using their know-how and expertise, ensure the effective and precise installation of CCTV cameras on both commercial and residential properties. Each location's unique requirements are considered, guaranteeing optimal functionality and comprehensive coverage. If you're a local homeowner looking to obtain competitive and accurate CCTV installation quotes tailored to your particular needs, you simply have to click here. Why not get started with your CCTV installation right away?

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