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CCTV Installation Lechlade Gloucestershire (GL7): Better known as CCTV, closed-circuit television is a camera-based surveillance system that is used to enhance security and to monitor domestic properties, commercial premises, land, buildings and public places such as council buildings, parks and leisure complexes in Lechlade. A CCTV system is quite simply a network of cameras, that can be wired or wireless, which transmit recordings by way of signals or a wi-fi connection, to screens on which they can be observed either as moving video or static images in real time or in the future. It's generally recommended that CCTV is installed by a professional in Lechlade, as there are various different types of CCTV systems available, each needing to be installed in varying ways and offering different features.

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Analogue Systems - These are the traditional systems that can record and monitor over a multi-camera installation. They can record video and images to on-site Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and can provide an internet link for viewing remotely via your smartphone or tablet. If inspection by the police is required, recorded video can easily be transferred over to a USB or CD/DVD. These do not need a connection to the internet to function, as they're essentially designed to be standalone systems, and can be used in that way if this is all that's required.

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IP Cameras - Wireless CCTV cameras hook up with a local device via their own network (intranet), or can be connected to an internet router for the transfer of their video signals. An IP address is assigned to every camera, and for monitoring and recording footage these will be connected to a DVR or PC. IP cameras can also send alarm notifications, pictures and video directly to your smartphone, consequently adding a further security layer by preventing a burglar from destroying video evidence on a local DVR. Security must be carefully set-up to avoid other people from observing your videos.

Cloud Based CCTV - Employs a secure encrypted gateway to record footage to "cloud" storage. Although this might seem to be a massive advantage, both IP and analogue security systems can also benefit from "cloud" technology. Typically used by security monitoring companies, these "cloud" systems will usually come with a monthly or yearly charge.

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Most cameras on sale these days come complete with some sort of built-in infrared lighting to support video recording for even the darkest areas. Any infrared camera will record black and white images during the hours of darkness and at a somewhat lower resolution than those of the device's daylight recordings. If you find that your night vision resolution doesn't meet your expectations, it may be possible to install special lamps to produce a more natural light source for your camera system. These offer the best options for capturing colours under artificial light conditions, and can be set to only turn on if movement is detected by your cameras.

As with any type of security lighting it should not be aimed where it can blind the drivers of oncoming vehicles on nearby roads, or shine directly onto nearby gardens.


The Data Protection Act is triggered if you have a domestic CCTV security system where the cameras record footage of areas outside the boundary of your property, such as a neighbour's garden or a public highway. The Data Protection Act requires that any data stored on the system must be secured from potential misuse for any person appearing in the recordings, and doesn't imply the use of CCTV cameras are in any way illegal.

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The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has distinct guidance on informational signage and data protection, if your cameras are recording even a minimal view of a public area. If you hire a dependable and certified CCTV company in Lechlade to deploy your CCTV system and any related devices, you will avoid any violation of the legal requirements.

You'll need to double check with the local council to find out whether planning permission for CCTV is necessary, if your property is within a national park, is in an area of scientific interest, is in a conservation area or is listed. You should also be able to avoid planning permission if any camera and lighting system is installed at least 2.5 metres above ground level and does not stick out by more than one metre from the walls of your property.

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You should be able to find a good CCTV system that suits your security specifications and also meets your allotted budget. Your situation may dictate that all you need is a single camera to cover your front entrance, whilst a larger house might require multiple cameras with motion detector technology that is linked to a security firm's monitored alarm service. If you get in touch with a competent CCTV installation specialist in Lechlade, they'll carefully consider your circumstances and needs and offer advice about the most appropriate CCTV security equipment to suit the budget you have set.

This should mean that you will get the best CCTV system you can afford. A trustworthy company in Lechlade will take pride in offering the highest level of service at all times, even if you are not spending a lot of cash on your CCTV camera equipment. It is always wise to obtain at least three estimates from different companies, and you should avoid accepting the first estimate that you are given.

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Cameras that are visible provide a physical deterrent to burglars, yet hidden systems with the right signage can be just like effectual in some areas. A skillfully installed CCTV security system has been proven by interviews with ex-thieves to provide the most effective deterrent to would be intruders.

It may be the case that you've bought an off the shelf CCTV security system and need expert help with the installation. You do not need to have purchased your CCTV equipment from your nearby Lechlade professional security company to be able to have them set it up for you. Whatever size and model of CCTV system you may have obtained, they should have the expertise and knowledge to efficiently and quickly get it installed.


You should always look out for CCTV cameras that carry the British Standard (BS EN 62676) for the protection of your Lechlade home. The standards laid out in BS EN 62676 states the operational criteria for the equipment, and guidelines on the best way to position and install the CCTV camera system for the best effect. It's not a legal requirement to have a BS EN 62676 certified CCTV system installed, but non-British Standard devices may not have been tested thoroughly and if the system doesn't meet your expectations, you may find you have little if any recourse.

To ensure you're using a reliable CCTV company you should always watch out for affiliation or membership of an established trade organisation within the sector. The primary trade associations to look for are:

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The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) - This is one of the most highly regarded trade body for the professional security industry in the UK. Every signed up member of the BSIA has to be vetted and meet the British Standards, ISO 9000 regulations for security installations, and follow all Codes of Practice for the industry.

The Security Institute (SI) - The SI is a respected and recognised body within the security sector, and hence holds the largest membership of professional contractors and companies in the United Kingdom. It has over 3,000 affiliates from all aspects of the security sector and promotes professional competence, best working practices and setting the highest standards in security for all its membership.

The National Security Inspectorate - The National Security Inspectorate is an independent trade organisation that promotes the security industry by providing recognition for high quality companies. The membership application process for the NSI is exacting and involves a demonstration of a firm's capability to plan, install and maintain a variety of CCTV and other security systems. They must also show a public footpath, an alley, a public park, an adjacent road, a neighbours' garden, and also company premises' suitability, are all covered by the rigorous standards of their codes of practice. Police forces, insurance providers, and fire & rescue services in the UK all recognise members of the NSI as upholding the highest standards within the security and fire safety industry.

Secure By Design - This government backed SBD initiative is driven by police forces throughout Great Britain to reduce crime. Its goals are to improve the physical security of all properties by working with construction firms, security installers and designers.

An endorsement by family or friends is an excellent place to start when you are looking for a CCTV installer, but this should not necessarily be the sole factor affecting your choice. Research has confirmed that around eighty per cent of homeowners in Lechlade who are on the lookout for a tradesperson, prefer word of mouth recommendations above any form of endorsement. You'll want to obtain at least 3 or 4 price quotes from your list of prospective CCTV companies in Lechlade.

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CCTV installation can be done in Lechlade and also in: Langford, Hannington Wick, Upper Inglesham, Claydon, Alvescot, Radcot, Broughton Poggs, Kelmscott, Inglesham, Whelford, Dudgrove, Buscot Wick, Fairford, Downington, Thornhill, Filkins, Eaton Hastings, St Johns Priory, Little Faringdon, as well as in these postcodes GL7 3AY, GL7 3BD, GL7 3BS, GL7 3EP, GL7 3EG, GL7 3AP, GL7 3GF, GL7 3AX, GL7 3BY, GL7 3AL. CCTV installers from Lechlade should have the dialling code 01367 and the postcode GL7. This is one thing that you can confirm if you favour hiring a locally based installer of CCTV. Lechlade property owners have the use of these CCTV and security services as and when they need them.

CCTV Lechlade - Dome Cameras

When you're looking at purchasing a CCTV camera either for a commercial premises in Lechlade or for security within the home, you will have to figure out which style of camera you would prefer. A dome camera is one of the styles that you may think about, and we will be looking at these in this paragraph. Dome cameras have a distinct edge over other camera models since they can be either ceiling or wall mounted, and in recent years this has meant that they have become one of the most popular CCTV camera patterns on the market. They can therefore be fitted in inaccessible locations which means that they're less obtrusive and can continue filming activity without fear of damage or vandalism.

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Dome cameras can be particularly helpful for business owners, and security will definitely be a big consideration for you if you happen to be the owner or manager of a grocery store, a cafe or a retail outlet in Lechlade. And it isn't only the clientele who you might need to keep track of but also your staff, because employee theft is certainly not unheard of in Lechlade.

Thanks to the tinted dome in these cameras, observers will not fathom in which direction the camera inside is pointing, which is another massive plus point for these devices. This naturally adds a certain measure of uncertainty for anyone thinking of stealing or wrongdoing, and if there is one thing that potential criminals hate, it is uncertainty.

A hugely important measure for the security of your business or home in Lechlade, a dome camera can both prevent crime and document it as accountable evidence to prosecute those offences should they occur. (Tags: Dome Camera Systems Lechlade, Dome Security Cameras Lechlade, Dome Cameras Lechlade, CCTV Dome Lechlade).

Makes and Models of CCTV and Surveillance Camera

If you have decided that you want to install a security camera on your home or business premises in Lechlade, there are a wide array of CCTV and surveillance cameras on the market at this time, so there's lots of choice. Some of the top rated brands and models of security cameras in 2020 include: Ezviz C3W Wi-Fi Security Camera, EufyCam2, Blink (Indoor Cam, Outdoor Cam), Ring (Spotlight Cam, Stick Up Cam, Floodlight Cam, Indoor Cam), Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, D-Link Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera, Arlo Ultra, Logitech Circle View and Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera.

CCTV Signs Lechlade

Whether or not signage is required for CCTV installations is an issue that many property owners in Lechlade are unsure about. Now, the rules and regulations surrounding CCTV can be rather confusing, therefore it's handy to know what legislation applies to you.

If you are putting CCTV into a domestic home in Lechlade, you do not "have to" put up signs provided that you don't capture any images of locations beyond the boundary of your own property. If you are capturing pictures from an adjacent road, a next door neighbours' garden, a public park, a footpath or an alleyway, you will need to put up signs.

If you are aiming to install a CCTV system in a commercial location in Lechlade, you will definitely have to deploy clear signage to let both staff members and the general public know that they are potentially being observed. Conspicuous and clear signs are especially vital when CCTV cameras have been installed where people wouldn't usually expect to be watched over or in discreet and out of the way areas. Signage should include info on who is operating the CCTV system, and must be clearly visible and readable.

Even if you aren't required to install CCTV clear signage, it is still recommended that you do so, since the signs on their own can be a big deterrent to any person intent on crime or out to cause mischief.

CCTV and the Law

If you decide to install CCTV in your home in Lechlade and it records footage beyond the boundary of your property, such as a footpath, a main road or a neighbour's garden, your system will be bound by the current UK's data protection laws.

If your CCTV system is recording such images, it does not imply that you're actually breaking the law, however under the Data Protection Act (2018) you are considered to be a "data controller", and consequently you must observe your legal obligations in this matter.

You're still allowed to capture such images, so long as you understand that you need to clearly show that you're data protection compliant, and are showing respect for the rights of those who you're capturing without exception.

If you have cameras that are recording pictures beyond the boundaries of your property:

  • You should keep safe and protect the security of any captured images.
  • You must always acknowledge subject access requests (SARs) within a month.
  • You should not collect more video footage than is necessary to achieve your purpose.
  • You should regularly delete any unwanted footage, and only keep it for as long as it is needed.
  • When asked by the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office), you should be able to explain the reasoning behind capturing this footage.
  • You must not permit others to misuse the system, and should use it only for the purpose that you've stated.
  • You should be able to give a justifiable and specific reason for wanting to record such footage.
  • Unless required for an authentic legal dispute, you should erase images of specific people when asked.
  • You must put up CCTV signs to confirm that recording is occurring.

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Will CCTV Lower the Cost of my Home Insurance?

This is the million dollar question that we are commonly asked, and the answer is most often "No". A modest discount may be conceded by certain insurers, where CCTV is installed, but mostly only when it's being used in conjunction with an intruder alarm or more sophisticated security system. A lot of insurance companies will not even offer you a price reduction for a security alarm unless it is professionally installed, which is naturally the most expensive option.

CCTV Insurance Costs Lechlade

The key factors that influence the price quoted for your home insurance is your postcode (where you live), what level of contents insurance you need and the value of your property. In fact, the crime rate in your area is the overriding consideration with regards to insurance.

If you consider this from the insurers standpoint, they may be wondering why you're putting in CCTV at all, since the fact remains that the majority of houses in Lechlade have yet to install cameras. It might be that there's been a bout of burglaries in your part of Lechlade and you're taking additional precautions - this could perhaps be viewed as a heightened risk by insurers.

In the final analysis, the real reasons for CCTV installation ought to be that it raises your feeling of security, it deters intruders and it provides evidence in case of an offence or break-in.

Workplace CCTV Lechlade

CCTV could be installed in a workplace for numerous different reasons:

  • Enforcing health and safety regulations or security policies.
  • To reduce damage to company property.
  • To discourage misconduct.
  • To prevent theft, violence or other offences.
  • To boost productivity and monitor the performance of employees.

Given that mutual trust is crucial in employer/employee relationships, this should be accomplished with a degree of care. Employers must keep their team notified about what recorded footage will be used for, how long captured images will be stored, what information will be captured and stored, what the intended usage of recorded footage is and how any recording will be undertaken.

Coming Soon: Night vision CCTV Lechlade.

CCTV Installation Tasks Lechlade

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There are a wide array of tasks that can be accomplished by your local Lechlade CCTV installer including high-definition CCTV systems in Lechlade, HD CCTV Lechlade, smartphone CCTV installation, farm CCTV installation, monitored CCTV system installation in Lechlade, thermal imaging camera systems, dummy CCTV installation Lechlade, the installation of CCTV security cameras Lechlade, pan, tilt & zoom CCTV cameras Lechlade, CCTV hard drives Lechlade, the installation of security cameras Lechlade, CCTV installation Lechlade, security alarm installations Lechlade, outbuilding CCTV installations in Lechlade, infra red CCTV cameras, CCTV site surveys Lechlade, fixed mesh grilles, vandal-proof CCTV systems, industrial CCTV installations Lechlade, CCTV repair, professional security systems, bespoke CCTV installation, cheap CCTV systems, tamper-proof CCTV system installation, home CCTV installation, remote access CCTV Lechlade, outdoor CCTV installation, interior CCTV Lechlade, CCTV camera installation, professional CCTV installation Lechlade, dome camera installation, box camera installation, dummy CCTV cameras Lechlade, infra red CCTV installation Lechlade, and more. These are just a selection of the duties that are performed by those specialising in CCTV. Lechlade professionals will be happy to inform you of their full range of security services.

Keeping Your Premises in Lechlade Protected From Intruders

It's a regrettable fact of life that the possessions in your home may be seen as easy pickings for opportunistic thieves in Lechlade. Blame it on the economy, or whatever, but there are plenty of crooks out there who think your home looks pretty inviting. Frequently a would-be house breaker will choose your home just because it looks like a straightforward in and out. The trouble is, a good number of houses will look like a good opportunity to at least a few criminals. But, you, as the homeowner, can have stolen everything you love and treasure. Presuming you don't want to become a victim yourself, there are a few simple things you can do.

You have locks on all your doors and windows, naturally, but do you really have any idea how good they are? The need for quality deadlocks on your external doors, and secure window locks, is obvious, and it's a good idea to get expert advice in this area. The aim is to make sure you are doing all the things to keep unwanted people out of your home but also to have something you can easily operate if you need to vacate the house in a hurry. Once you feel confident about your home's safety measures, give some attention to how secure any outside sheds and/or garages may be. Items such as garden tools and bikes are rich pickings for the thieves.

A more high dollar approach, but well worth the expenditure, is a state-of-the-art, electronic home alarm system. In the event that there are two houses side by side and one has a highly observable alarm system, which house do you think a burglar might choose. These days you are able to have what is known as a monitored alarm which means that there is a central control that is manned 24 hours a day and they will take action on any alarms that are set off. The measure of safety measures you would like for your house may depend on your budget and how much you need to protect but a further consideration for some people is the use of CCTV cameras.

Along with deterring crooks from getting into your property, it is a good idea to make it difficult for people to see exactly what you have inside your home. It helps to take away your valuables from obvious view, including going so far as to align things so you influence what is visible through your windows. Yet another sensible idea is to try to make it more difficult for someone to move from in front of your house to the outside rear without being detected. Security lamps fixed to the front and the rear of the house are usually a deterrent, as many thieves operate under the cover of night. No crook wishes your whole yard to light up as he's sneaking around your property.

Bottom line: There is absolutely no sense in permitting yourself to be a target for any criminals prowling the area. Take as many of these precautions as you can.

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CCTV Installation Around Lechlade: Householders living in the following areas have recently enquired about CCTV installation - Oak Street, Mount Pleasant, Abbots Walk, West Allcourt, Moorgate, Station Road, Kingsmead, Bryworth Lane, Market Place, Briary Road, Chancel Way, West Way, Butler's Field, Burford Street, Gassons Way, Mill Lane, East Allcourt, Gassons Road, Swan Close, Fossway Court, Bell Lane, The Cursus, as well as the following local Lechlade postcodes: GL7 3AY, GL7 3BD, GL7 3BS, GL7 3EP, GL7 3EG, GL7 3AP, GL7 3GF, GL7 3AX, GL7 3BY, GL7 3AL. Work was done in these places by experts in CCTV. Lechlade home and business owners received trusted and competent CCTV services in all cases.

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