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CCTV Installation Helsby Cheshire (WA6): Closed-circuit television, most commonly known as CCTV, is a camera-based surveillance system that is used for security purposes and to monitor commercial premises, residential properties, land, buildings and public areas like council facilities, leisure centres and parks in Helsby. Transmitting recordings by way of signals or an internet connection, to monitors on which static images or moving video can be viewed, a CCTV system is essentially a network of wired or wireless cameras that cover areas of interest. Since there are various different types of CCTV systems available in Helsby, each of which offers differing features and have to be employed in different ways, wherever possible professional CCTV installation is recommended.

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Analogue CCTV - These are the standard systems which can record and monitor using multiple cameras. They're able to record continuous video or still images, save them to a locally sited Digital Video Recorder (DVR), and the DVR can also be internet linked for monitoring remotely via laptop or smartphone. If the police need to see evidence that has been recorded by your system, it can be copied over to a CD/DVD or USB for easy viewing. Whilst these can be connected to the net, this is not essential to the functioning of the system, and can be employed as standalone systems when that is good enough for your needs.

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IP Systems - With these systems the cameras can provide monitoring and recording through the internet, via a local intranet or with a wide area network. Each camera has its own IP address through which they are linked to a computer system or DVR. IP cameras can also send images, video and alarm notifications directly to your smartphone, thus adding an extra level of security by stopping an intruder or burglar from destroying evidence on a local DVR. To prevent undesired people from viewing the recorded video footage, security has to be set up perfectly.

Cloud Systems - Cameras employ an online connection via an encrypted and secure server to store and save all images and video footage in what is known as the "cloud". As long as your CCTV system can connect to the internet, either through the DVR in an analogue system or directly through a router as in IP cameras, it will be capable of accessing cloud based storage. Normally used by security monitoring companies in Helsby, these "cloud" systems will generally come with a monthly or annual fee (which may be determined by the amount of storage required).

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Night vision through the use of infrared LED's generally comes as standard on the vast majority of CCTV cameras. The resolution of any captured infrared footage will be a black and white version, but in comparison to similar footage recorded in normal daylight conditions, will be of only a fractionally lower resolution. You could always install security lighting with special lamps to generate a natural light, if there is a substantial resolution difference. When linked to a CCTV system this lighting delivers a natural looking source of light and can be configured to light up only when your camera senses motion in its vicinity.

If you are using motion sensor security lights with a CCTV camera system, you have to ensure that the light doesn't overly shine on neighbour's gardens and property, or shine directly into the eyes of passing motorists.


You're governed by the legislation within the Data Protection Act, if your CCTV system captures footage of any public areas or a neighbour's property. The Data Protection Act demands that any data stored on the system must be secured from possible misuse for anyone showing up in the footage, and doesn't mean the use of a CCTV system is in any way illegal.

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If your CCTV cameras are recording even a small view of a public area, the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) has precise guidance on informational signage and data protection. To make certain that all the regulations are observed with regard to recording public spaces and the siting of cameras, you should employ a professional CCTV installation specialist in Helsby, rather than going with the DIY option.

Planning permission for a CCTV system placed on the outside of your home will need to be checked if you live within a national park, you live in a conservation area, you're in a place of special scientific interest or you're positioning them onto a listed building. By making sure the cameras are fixed at least 2.5m above the ground and that they don't protrude from your external walls by more than 1 metre, planning permission can be avoided in all other houses in Helsby.

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Spending budgets shouldn't need to be a decisive factor when it comes to picking a suitable CCTV system for your house in Helsby and there are options out there to suit all tastes. Larger premises may require multiple CCTV cameras with motion detecting sensors which are connected to a security firm's monitoring service, whilst more modest houses may simply need one simple camera to monitor the front door and keep track of comings and goings. If you contact a competent CCTV installation specialist in Helsby, they'll look closely at your needs and offer advice about the perfect CCTV camera system to suit your available budget.

They'll also ensure your stated budget isn't overstretched or attempt to palm you off with equipment that isn't needed. You should count on the highest levels of service for any Helsby CCTV installation, no matter how much you are prepared to spend. You should always get quotes from at least 3 different CCTV companies and make certain you understand fully the service and equipment they're providing.

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You might want to keep your CCTV cameras discrete from onlookers, or then again you might need them to act as an obvious deterrent by being noticeable. A well positioned CCTV camera system has been shown by police interviews with ex-thieves to provide the most effective deterrent to would be burglars.

It might be the case that you have acquired an off the shelf CCTV system and need expert help with the installation. Your local Helsby CCTV installation company should be able to help even if you haven't purchased the equipment from them. With their expertise in the different CCTV cameras available, they are likely to be familiar with the brand you've purchased, and will be able to efficiently and quickly configure and mount your new equipment.


When picking out a CCTV system for your Helsby property you should only consider one that displays the BS EN 62676 British Standard mark. These specifications give installation teams guidance on the recommendations for CCTV systems and how well they should perform. If you have non-British Standard equipment fitted and it does not meet the level of quality offered by the installation company, or your own requirements, you might find you have difficulty in rectifying the situation.

To ensure you are using a reliable CCTV specialist you should always look for membership or affiliation with a recognised trade body within the sector. The UK's main security trade bodies include:

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Secure By Design (SBD) - Secure by Design is a police security initiative with an aim to reduce crime. Its aims are to improve the security of all properties by working closely with construction firms, security companies and designers.

The Security Institute - The Security Institute is a recognised and respected body within the security industry, and as a result holds the largest membership of professional contractors and technicians in the United Kingdom. It sets very high standards for all of its 3,000 plus membership in all aspects of the security sector by the promotion of best working practices, and it guarantees the professional competency of its affiliates.

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) - In the security and CCTV industry, the BSIA (British Security Industry Association) is one of the most highly regarded trade bodies. All its signed up members must follow the security industry's British Standards Code of Practice for CCTV installation and comply with ISO 9000 regulations.

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) - The NSI is an independent trade association which promotes the security and fire safety industry by offering recognition to high quality companies. The vetting process is stringent and includes a company demonstrating their proficiency in the installation, design and maintenance of a wide array of security and fire safety equipment. A security company must also supply data and records relating to; company and personal insurances, employee vetting and training, equipment calibration and maintenance, and also must demonstrate that its premises are suitable for the NSI's rigorous requirements. Police forces, the fire and rescue services, and the major insurance providers in the UK and EU all recognise members of the NSI as having the highest possible working standards within the security and fire safety industry.

There are various ways to find dependable tradesmen, and a great place to start is with family and friends. If anyone you know has had CCTV installation work carried out in the past, you could ask if they were professional and did a decent job. Word of mouth tells if a task was done properly, and will come from somebody who you trust to be truthful and honest. When you've got a list of CCTV installers you can then ask them to give you a quote - you will want at least three or four quotes.

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It isn't just in Helsby itself where you can get CCTV providers - neighbouring places like: Thornton-le-Moors, Elton Green, Ince, Newton, Manley, Stanlow, Bridge Trafford, Dunham-on-the-Hill, Frodsham, Netherton, Elton, Hapsford, Alvanley, Mickle Trafford, Long Green, Little Barrow, Mouldsworth are also covered. If a CCTV installer has the postcode WA6 and the dialling code 01928, you can presume that they work in the Helsby area. This might be one of the things to verify if you would like to ensure you hire a locally based installer of CCTV. Helsby householders will be able to benefit from these and lots of other similar services. If you'd like to obtain CCTV details for your area of Cheshire, simply click on the "quote" banner.

Does CCTV Reduce Crime?

"Do CCTV cameras prevent crime?" Is a question that's regularly asked with regards to home and business security. Undoubtedly yes, seems to be the answer. Over the last few years various studies have been done to find out whether this is the case or not, and some revealing results have come out of this research.

The two situations that are most likely to discourage a break-in are CCTV cameras and barking dogs, based on research conducted by a prominent insurance firm who actually interviewed former criminals. When contemplating a crime or break-in, the key worry for the perpetrator seems to be not attract attention to themselves.

Further verification that crime can indeed be lowered by the existence of CCTV surveillance in both private and public settings was outlined by the College of Policing. The data given was based upon forty one individual studies, and it was estimated that on average 16% of crimes were averted when CCTV was present. And, even more impressive were the results for crimes relating to vehicles where around 23% of offences were prevented. There is an even greater effect when actual monitoring of the CCTV cameras is occurring.

The main factors that most put criminals off are:

  • The actual likelihood of being caught or recognised.
  • The encouraged public use of an area.
  • The awareness that their chances of being caught is increased.
  • The fact that additional security precautions are being taken by possible victims.

Fake CCTV Cameras Helsby

To help deter thieves or prevent crime, there are numerous options available, and you could always put up a few fake/dummy CCTV cameras if you cannot really afford, or don't want to go to the extreme of installing a full-blown security system. Dummy CCTV cameras are considerably cheaper than the real thing, and you can benefit from having dummy CCTV cameras installed, whether you are a business or home owner in Helsby. The fake cameras which are readily available these days are quite realistic, and they are hard to tell from the genuine product for all but the most inexperienced eye.

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We're often told that an experienced career criminal will rarely be fooled by a dummy camera and that only the opportunistic intruder will be put off by this type of deterrent. However, a phony camera is much better than no camera at all, and should unquestionably make your premises less appealing than an entirely unshielded one. Thus, some benefits can be gained from these gadgets, given that a large percentage of crimes in Helsby are indeed opportunistic.

In Helsby (or anywhere else in the UK for that matter), most burglars are generally looking for an easy target, and there is a pretty good chance that they'll look elsewhere for easier pickings if you can put doubts in their mind about breaking into your home or business premises.

Available in all styles and sizes, for both internal and external use, dummy CCTV cameras can be purchased for as little as £6 up to £40 or even more for elaborate units.

CCTV in the Workplace

Companies might decide to install CCTV in the workplace for various reasons:

  • To monitor adherence to health and safety regulations.
  • To keep tabs on employee performance.
  • To reduce misconduct.
  • To reduce damages to company property.
  • To prevent or reduce violence, theft or other offences.

Because mutual trust is essential in employee/employer relationships, this should be done with a a considerable amount of care. Employers must notify their team about what information is going to be captured and stored, what captured images are going to be used for, how long captured images will be kept, what recorded imagery is going to be used for and how any recording will be achieved.

CCTV and the Law

If you install CCTV in your home in Helsby and it captures images beyond your property boundaries, such as an alleyway, a next door neighbours' garden or a public road, your use of the system will be subject to the UK's data protection laws.

If your CCTV system is collecting such images, it does not mean that you are actually breaking any laws, but under the Data Protection Act you are regarded as a "data controller", and consequently you must comply with your legal obligations in these circumstances.

You are still allowed to capture such images, so long as you realise that you need to clearly show that you're remaining data protection compliant, and are showing respect for the legal rights of those who you're recording at all times.

If your CCTV system is recording pictures outside of your property perimeter:

  • You must at all times acknowledge SARs (subject access requests) within one month.
  • When asked by the ICO or an individual, you should be able to explain the reason for collecting these pictures.
  • You should delete the footage frequently, and only keep necessary.
  • You must let passers-by and neighbours know that you've got a CCTV system in place through signs.
  • You should have a justifiable and distinct reason for recording such pictures.
  • You should securely hold any recorded footage, and ensure that no other person is able to watch it.
  • You must, within one month of being asked, delete recorded footage of specific people.
  • You must not permit family members or others to use the system inappropriately, and must use it only for the purpose that you have stated.
  • You should only film necessary footage for your purpose, and never more than is genuinely required.

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CCTV Signage Helsby

A lot of homeowners are uncertain about whether or not they need to put up signs when they are installing CCTV in Helsby. And there is no doubt that it can be confusing for some folks. So, researching the latest rules that apply to CCTV systems is always a good idea.

If you're installing CCTV in a residential property in Helsby, you don't "have to" erect signs providing that you don't capture any footage of areas outside the boundary of your own property. You will definitely need to erect clear signage if you're recording part of a footpath, a neighbours' garden, a council park, an adjacent road or an alley in Helsby.

If you are planning to install a CCTV system in a business premises in Helsby, you will most definitely have to erect signage to let both personnel and the general public know that they are being monitored. It is particularly important to have noticeable and clear signs when CCTV cameras have been positioned in discreet locations or in places where people wouldn't usually expect to be watched over. All signs should be clearly readable and highly visible and should display info on who the system is being managed by.

Since the signs themselves can be a significant deterrent to anybody intent on crime or out to cause mischief, it's still a smart idea to install signs, even if it's not a requirement to do so. (Tags: CCTV Camera Signs Helsby, CCTV Signs Helsby, CCTV Warning Signs Helsby, CCTV Signage Helsby).

Makes and Models of CCTV and Surveillance Camera

If you've decided that you would like to install CCTV on your home or business premises in Helsby, there are a wide range of CCTV and security cameras available right now, so there is plenty of choice. Some of the most highly ranked models and makes of CCTV cameras in 2020 include: Arlo Pro 3, Ezviz C3W Wi-Fi Security Camera, Blink (Indoor Cam, Outdoor Cam), D-Link Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera, Logitech Circle View, EufyCam2, Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera, Ring (Floodlight Cam, Stick Up Cam, Indoor Cam, Spotlight Cam) and Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor.

Will CCTV Lower the Cost of my Home Insurance?

We are often asked this question, and the answer we usually give is "No". Some insurance providers may offer a small discount if you have CCTV installed, but generally only together with a burglar alarm. Unless a burglar alarm is professionally installed, which is obviously the most expensive option, a lot of insurance companies will still not give you a price reduction.

CCTV Insurance Costs Helsby

The amount of insurance you actually pay is mostly dictated by the property value, how much contents insurance you require and the postcode where you live. When it comes to insurance, the overriding factor is actually the crime rate in your area of Helsby.

You could look at it from the insurers point of view, and the fact remains that the majority of homes in Helsby still do not have CCTV, and the insurer might be wondering why you're installing one. This might even be viewed as an increased risk by your insurance company, because perhaps there has been a surge of crimes in your area, and this is why you are investing in CCTV.

When all is said and done, the most important reasons for installing CCTV should be that it supplies evidence in case of an offence, it increases your sense of security and it warns off burglars.

CCTV Helsby - Dome Cameras

When you are looking into purchasing a CCTV camera either for security within the home or for commercial premises in Helsby, you will need to figure out which type of camera you prefer. One potential style that you could consider is the dome camera. Dome cameras are one of the most popular types of CCTV camera on the market today, and they've got a distinct edge over other forms of camera in that they can be either wall or ceiling mounted. Typically installed in mostly inaccessible places, dome cameras are less obtrusive once set up and can record activities in an area without much danger of being put out of action or vandalised.

CCTV Dome Cameras Helsby

When you happen to be a manager or business owner, and you operate a retail outlet, a grocery store or a restaurant in Helsby, then you'll certainly be focused on the security of your premises. Dome cameras can help you with this. Since employee theft is not at all unheard of in Helsby, you want to keep track of your workforce along with your clientele, and dome cameras are a great tool for this objective.

Thanks to the tinted dome that these cameras have, onlookers will not be able to easily suss out in which direction the camera inside is pointing, which is yet another big advantage of these systems. If there's something that potential perpetrators loathe, it's uncertainty, and dome cameras add that certain level of uncertainty for any individual thinking of committing a crime or stealing.

It's clear that a dome camera can be useful both for combating crime and documenting it as evidence which could be used in a potential prosecution, and can be a massively important security measure for your home or business in Helsby.

Popular CCTV Brands

  • Yale
  • Axis
  • Dahua
  • Honeywell
  • Hikvision
  • Swann
  • Idis
  • Hanwha Techwin
  • Sannce
  • Panasonic

Coming Soon: Night vision CCTV Helsby.

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You should really head off to Rated People or the government authorized Trustmark website, if you want to conduct a search of certified local CCTV installers in Helsby. To check out the latest on CCTV on social websites, check this out. See how to install a CCTV system on You Tube here. To get more information about the technological developments in CCTV, networking CCTV cameras, the applications of CCTV, the history of CCTV, traffic flow monitoring with CCTV, CCTV in private homes, CCTV in public transport and CCTV for crime prevention, it would be a good idea to head over to Wikipedia and search for "CCTV Installation". To check out an interesting and informative article about tips when looking for CCTV cameras check this out. {To see what is taking place in the field of CCTV pay a visit to the Use IP forum

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There is a range of work that can be undertaken by your local Helsby CCTV installer including CCTV kits in Helsby, thermal imaging camera systems Helsby, roller shutters, security camera installation Helsby, door entry system installation in Helsby, commercial CCTV installation, infra red CCTV installation Helsby, bespoke CCTV installation Helsby, monitored CCTV Helsby, smartphone CCTV installation in Helsby, security lighting, high definition CCTV Helsby, site surveys, CCTV maintenance in Helsby, CCTV camera rental, networked CCTV system installation in Helsby, remote access CCTV Helsby, HD CCTV system installation, dummy CCTV installation Helsby, thermal sensor CCTV system installations Helsby, access control system installation, CCTV camera installation, the installation of CCTV security cameras Helsby, IP camera CCTV installation Helsby, mesh grilles Helsby, the best CCTV installation services Helsby, cheap CCTV installation in Helsby, infra red CCTV camera installation, police response CCTV systems, tilt, pan & zoom CCTV cameras Helsby, fire alarm installation Helsby, CCTV repairs, night vision IR cameras, smart tracking CCTV Helsby, and lots more. These are just a small portion of the activities that are performed by those installing CCTV. Helsby professionals will let you know their entire range of services.

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In Cheshire you can also get: Sandiway CCTV fitter, Poulton with Fearnhead CCTV installers, Antrobus CCTV fitter, Willington CCTV, Leighton security cameras, Wybunbury security camera installation, Prestbury CCTV installation, Weaverham CCTV installers, Wheelock Heath security camera installation, Kingsley security camera installation, Gawsworth CCTV fitters, Waverton CCTV installation, Burtonwood security cameras, Latchford CCTV installation, Comberbach CCTV installation, Rainow security cameras, Willington CCTV installation, Weston CCTV installers, Stockport CCTV installers, Grappenhall security camera installation, Walton security camera installation, Appleton Thorn CCTV fitters, Cuddington CCTV installation, Westbrook CCTV installation, Ashton CCTV fitters, Croft CCTV installers, Winwick CCTV installation, Burtonwood CCTV installers, Sutton Lane Ends CCTV installation services, Stretton CCTV fitters. In every district of the Cheshire region it should be possible to find CCTV installers who'll provide various services for your security needs. If you cannot find the right CCTV installer in Helsby itself then you shouldn't have any issues locating a good one near at hand.

Trying To Keep Your Home in Helsby Safe From Intruders

It's a regrettable fact of life that the possessions in your home may be viewed as easy pickings for opportunistic thieves in Helsby. The changing economy combined with people's desires to own what they cannot afford can lead some to steal from others. You never know when an enterprising burglar will spot your home and think, "Now, there's some easy pickin's..." Worse, there are generally a number of criminals who view every home as a possibility; they're proud of their house-breaking ability. The emotional scars this can leave for the prroperty owner can be hard to recover from as many times they lose items that have sentimental meaning as well as things of value. If you want to avoid becoming a victim, there are actions you can take to keep your property secure.

Have you given any consideration to just how beneficial the many locks on your windows and doors are? Fitting your outer doors with high quality deadlocks is an excellent place to start. Then you need to be certain that your windows are as safe as possible - you should get a little expert advice on this. The target is to make sure you are doing everything to keep undesirable people out of your home but also to have something you can easily operate if you need to vacate the house in a hurry. When you find yourself confident regarding your home's safety measures, give some attention to how secure any outside sheds and/or garages may be. Items such as garden equipment and bicycles are rich pickings for the thieves.

A more expensive approach, but well worth the expenditure, is a state-of-the-art, electronic home alarm system. Presented a choice between a house using an obviously high quality system of alarms and one without, can there be any doubt which one a crook will choose? These days you can actually have what is known as a monitored security alarm which means that there is a central control that is manned 24 hours a day and they will take action on any alarms that are set off. You are able to kick your security up even another notch by just installing a CCTV system (closed circuit television system), if your budget allows, since these are more expensive.

Keeping thieves out of your residence with an evident, high quality alarm system is fine, but you also need to make it a whole lot harder for would-be crooks to ascertain exactly what valuables you have, and where they're kept. One way you may do this is to know exactly what's visible to the outside world through your windows, and to remove your most valuable items from clear sight. Furthermore, you may want to make it challenging for anyone to get from the front of your house and into your back garden. An excellent deterrent will be a set of brilliant security lights that are activated by a prowler's movement just outside or near your house. The very last thing they need is for the spotlight to fall on them as they approach your home.

It's your choice, as well as, your budget how many of these precautions you wish to use, but rest assured that any actions you do take are well worth the time and expense.

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Also find: Hapsford CCTV installation, Long Green CCTV installation, Thornton-le-Moors CCTV installation, Little Barrow CCTV installation, Dunham-on-the-Hill CCTV installation, Ince CCTV installation, Bridge Trafford CCTV installation, Stanlow CCTV installation, Mickle Trafford CCTV installation, Elton CCTV installation, Mouldsworth CCTV installation, Newton CCTV installation, Manley CCTV installation, Frodsham CCTV installation, Netherton CCTV installation, Alvanley CCTV installation, Elton Green CCTV installation services and more. Most of these areas are serviced by companies who install CCTV. Helsby residents can get quotations by going here.

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Other Trades Helsby Cheshire: When you're having CCTV installed in your home or business premises in Helsby, Cheshire you might also need the services of some additional trades-people for example a handyman service in Helsby, roller shutters in Helsby, burglary repairs in Helsby, satellite installation in Helsby, sound & visual installation in Helsby, a glazier in Helsby, a building contractor in Helsby, door opening in Helsby, digital home network services in Helsby, a carpenter & joiner in Helsby, door installation in Helsby, a burglar alarm installer in Helsby, SKIP HIRE in Helsby, an electrician in Helsby, a gate fitter in Helsby, smoke alarm installation in Helsby, aerial installation in Helsby, and more Helsby craftsmen.

CCTV Installation Around Helsby: Folks living in the following areas and roads have just recently inquired about CCTV installation - Towers Lane, Bank House Lane, Alvanley Road, Neston Close, High View, Old Chester Road, Homeway, Queens Drive, Hemlegh Vale, Meadow Close, Tarvin Road, The Heights, Hill View Avenue, Lower Robin Hood Lane, The Rock, Crescent Drive, Vicarage Hill, Mountain View, The Paddock, Lower Rake Lane, Milton Grove, Orchard Place, Station Avenue, Latham Avenue, The Beeches, Hawkstone Grove, Kings Drive, as well as the following local Helsby postcodes: WA6 0PQ, WA6 0BB, WA6 0PU, WA6 0QF, WA6 9AY, WA6 0BU, WA6 9PE, WA6 0PS, WA6 9BE, WA6 0PN. Work was executed in these places by specialists in CCTV. Helsby residents enjoyed competent and top notch CCTV services on every occasion.

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