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CCTV Installation Carrickfergus Northern Ireland (BT38): A camera-based surveillance system that is now more often seen in Carrickfergus, closed-circuit television (better known as CCTV) is used to monitor company premises, domestic properties, buildings, land and public areas like leisure centres, parks and council buildings. Transmitting either moving video or static images to a screen, by way of signals or an internet connection, a CCTV system is fundamentally a network of cameras, wired or wireless, that cover various areas of concern. It is generally recommended that CCTV is installed by a professional in Carrickfergus, as there are various types of CCTV systems available to buy, each needing to be installed in varying ways and offering different features.

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Analogue CCTV Systems - These are the standard camera setups that can monitor and record activity over a multi-camera installation. Analogue style systems can be installed to take still frames or provide constant video recording and send them to an on-site DVR (digital video recorder) for storage and viewing. If the authorities need to look at evidence which has been recorded on the DVR system, it can be copied over to a USB drive or CD/DVD for easy viewing. They are designed to work as an independent CCTV system without the need for access to the internet.

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IP Cameras - Cameras can be connected with a wide area network, a local intranet or through the internet to provide monitoring and recording. Each camera has its own unique IP address and connects to a gateway on a DVR or computer system. IP systems also send video footage, pictures and alarm notifications directly to your smartphone, subsequently adding an extra security layer by preventing a burglar from destroying evidence on a local DVR. To stop any unauthorised viewing of the video and images, the security and encryption must be configured properly.

Cloud Based CCTV Systems - Cameras make use of an online connection via an encrypted server to store all video and images in the "cloud". Despite this seemingly big advantage, it's also quite possible to use "cloud" technologies with both analogue and IP systems. There will typically be a monthly or yearly charge involved with CCTV "cloud" systems, given that these are the preferred choice of security companies.

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For use in low light conditions, most contemporary CCTV cameras feature some type of infrared illumination capability. Any infrared CCTV camera will record video in black and white in the night time and at a somewhat lower resolution than those of the camera's daytime footage. If you find that the night vision resolution does not meet your expectations, you could always fit specialist lamps that produce a closer to natural light source for your cameras. Such lighting can provide a daylight effect for your cameras, as well as providing a bright light when any movement is picked up by the system.

If you are using motion sensor security lights with a CCTV system, you have to make certain the light doesn't overly shine on neighbour's gardens and property, or shine straight onto a road.


If your CCTV system captures images from any public areas or a neighbouring garden or property you are governed by Data Protection Act legislation. This only denotes that any recordings that you make are subject to the appropriate legislation, but doesn't make them illegal in any way.

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There are particular requirements on informational signage for your CCTV security system if you are recording and monitoring a public place or an area which belongs to somebody else, and the Information Commissioner's Office should be contacted for advice. A competent CCTV installation firm in Carrickfergus will make sure that all legal requirements are satisfied with regards to monitoring public areas and siting cameras, which a do it yourself installation might not fully follow.

You shouldn't need to have planning permission for your CCTV cameras unless you live in a conservation area, you're in a place of special scientific interest, you're positioning them on a listed building or you live in a national park. You will be able to avoid the need for planning permission if any lighting and camera system is mounted at least 2.5m above ground level and does not project by more than 1 metre from your walls.

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Whatever your budget is you can find a CCTV security system that matches your needs. Larger properties might require multiple CCTV cameras with cutting edge motion detecting technology which is linked to a security firm's monitoring service, while more modest residences may only need one single camera to cover the front entrance and keep tabs on exits and entries. To install a system that fulfills your specific needs and situation it's advised that you employ a professional Carrickfergus CCTV specialist.

An advantage of using a reputable installer is that they won't try to get you to purchase equipment or security gadgets that aren't actually necessary. A genuine Carrickfergus company will offer you a high standard of service, from purchase to installation, maintenance and repair, even if you haven't got a lot of money to invest in your CCTV camera system. It's generally advisable to get a minimum of 3 different quotes for the security system you want to install.

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To dissuade burglars and trespassers some CCTV cameras might need to be fully visible and obvious, although with the correct signage hidden cameras will often be just as effective. When ex-thieves have been asked about what is biggest deterrent to them attempting to break into a property, they have frequently stated that it is expertly installed, carefully positioned and visible CCTV cameras.

Out-of-the-box CCTV camera equipment is of course readily obtainable in electronics stores and on the internet, thus you may have already bought some equipment and realised that you need assistance with installing it in your property. You don't need to have purchased your CCTV system from your local Carrickfergus CCTV installation company in order to have them install it for you. With their experience of the various different CCTV cameras available, they are likely to be familiar with the brand you've bought, and will be able to efficiently and quickly configure and mount your new equipment.


For CCTV security systems in the United Kingdom, the BS EN 62676 (British Standard) applies, thus you should make sure any cameras installed in your Carrickfergus home has this standard mark. This standard provides a useful outline to help CCTV users, installation teams and customers in Carrickfergus, understand the system requirements and performance. CCTV equipment can be fitted that hasn't got the British Standards mark, however the reliability and quality won't have been evaluated and you may not have any recourse after its been installed if it does not meet up with your expectations.

Before picking a CCTV company to install and set up your camera system, it is wise to make certain that you hire one with membership or affiliation with a recognised trade organisation. This will guarantee that you get a top quality installation. The primary trade bodies to look for are:

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The Security Institute (SI) - In relation to UK security contractors and companies, the Security Institute (SI) has the largest membership of all the trade associations. With more than 4000 registered members, the Security Institute guarantees its members will provide the highest possible security standards by using best practices and following the security Code of Conduct at all stages of planning, maintenance and installation.

Secure By Design (SBD) - SBD (Secured by Design) is the official government and police initiative which works to improve the security of buildings and their surrounding areas to provide safe places to live, visit, shop and work. The SBD works closely with architects, construction firms and security companies to improve the physical security of industrial and domestic premises all over Great Britain.

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) - In relation to Great Britain's security and CCTV industry, the BSIA is one of the biggest trade organisations. The BSIA is the only trade association that requires its members to be independently vetted, and requires that they follow ISO 9000 legislation, and stick to all of the appropriate security industry Codes of Practice.

The National Security Inspectorate - As an independent trade body, the NSI promotes the security and fire safety sector by sanctioning the most reputable CCTV and security firms throughout the country. Any company wishing to join the NSI has to undergo a stringent vetting procedure, during which they need to show their ability in designing, installing and maintaining CCTV systems and any related security equipment that may be involved in the scope of their work. A number of things are covered by the exacting standards of their codes of practice, including installation equipment, staff vetting, training records, suitability of vehicles, proof of insurance, and even the suitability of business premises. Membership is accepted as the highest possible standard by fire services, police forces and insurance companies in the United Kingdom.

In most instances, folks ask family members or friends if they have anybody they would recommend, and will typically accept their opinion and employ the CCTV installer that they are sent to. Is this really the best way to pick your CCTV technician? Possibly not, because your friend or family members' needs may have been different than yours, but it's a great place to start. Word of mouth is generally a good indication, and should be thought of as a solid starting place when looking for CCTV installers, or any other sort of tradesmen. Even if a particular CCTV installer has been recommended by someone, you should still get at least three or four estimates from different tradesmen in the area, to give you an idea of what you should be paying.

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You should have no issues uncovering CCTV specialists in Carrickfergus, and adjacent places such as: Moorfields, Templepatrick, Ballynure, Greenisland, Doagh, Parkgate, Glengormley, Straid, Island Magee, Ballycarry, Whitehead. Areas with postcodes like BT38 7EY, BT38 7BT, BT38 7NW, BT38 7LL, BT38 7EP, BT38 7BA, BT38 7HU, BT38 7FH, BT38 7AX, BT38 7HF are also covered. If a CCTV installer has the postcode BT38 and the dialling code 028 93, it is probable that they come from the Carrickfergus area. Verifying that this is the case should make certain that you are considering a local CCTV installer. Carrickfergus property owners can use these CCTV services at any time necessary. If you'd like to obtain CCTV installation details for your area of Northern Ireland, click the "QUOTE" banner or form.

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When you're looking at purchasing a CCTV system either for security within the home or for commercial premises in Carrickfergus, you will need to decide on which kind of camera you prefer. In this paragraph we will be looking at the dome camera alternative. Among the most widely used styles of CCTV camera available today, dome cameras have a considerable advantage over other sorts of camera, seeing as they can be installed on either walls or ceilings. These can be mounted away from the risk of vandalism or damage, in the most out-of-reach locations.

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You'll be rightly serious about the security of your premises if you are a manager or business owner who runs a cafe, a small shop or a grocery store in Carrickfergus. And it is not merely the clientele who you need to keep a beady eye on but also your workforce, because theft by employees is certainly not uncommon in Carrickfergus.

The effectiveness of dome cameras is increased since they normally have tinted glass, and it's difficult for onlookers to fathom out which direction the camera inside is pointing in. This obviously adds a degree uncertainty for any person thinking of stealing or wrongdoing, and if there is one thing that potential perpetrators hate, it is uncertainty.

As a way of preventing possible crimes, dome cameras can be extremely helpful, and if misdemeanours do occur they will document the evidence for use by the police in a court case. (Tags: Dome Security Cameras Carrickfergus, Dome Cameras Carrickfergus, Dome Camera Systems Carrickfergus, Dome CCTV Cameras Carrickfergus).

Does CCTV Help Prevent Crime?

A common question that's frequently asked when considering home security is "Do CCTV cameras prevent crime?" Most assuredly yes, seems to be the answer to that question. In recent years a number of studies have been conducted to find out whether this is the case or not, and some enlightening results have emerged from these investigations.

According to research done by a reputable insurance firm who actually talked to former burglars, the two situations that are most likely to prevent a break-in are the presence of CCTV cameras and barking dogs. It appears that the prime concern or issue when contemplating a crime is to avoid any break-in that is liable to attract attention to the culprit.

Also the topic of a College of Policing review, CCTV cameras in both public and private environments were indeed found to decrease the likelihood of crime. It was calculated that an average of 16% of crimes were deterred by CCTV cameras, and these numbers were based on 41 separate studies. And, all the more notable were the figures for crimes relating to vehicles where around 23% of infractions were prevented. There is an even greater effect when active monitoring of the CCTV cameras is taking place.

The main issues that most put criminals off are:

  • The fact that possible crime victims are taking extra precautions.
  • The real risk of being recognised.
  • The encouraged public use of an area.
  • The perception that their risk of being arrested is increased.

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To help prevent crime or deter thieves, there are numerous options available, and you can perhaps put up a few dummy CCTV cameras if you can't really afford, or don't want to go to the extreme of installing a comprehensive security system. Whether you are a business or home owner in Carrickfergus you can reap the benefits of having dummy/fake CCTV cameras fitted, and obviously these are substantially cheaper than the real thing. Nowadays, the dummy cameras that are available to buy are extremely realistic, and to the untrained eye, are hard to distinguish from the genuine article.

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I have quite often seen claims that an experienced criminal will not be deceived by a phony camera and that dummy CCTV will only deter the opportunist thief. Having said that, a house with no sign of a camera will be a lot more attractive to a potential thief, than one that has some obvious degree of security be it dummy or genuine. And, when considering the fact that a fair percentage of crimes committed in Carrickfergus are undoubtedly opportunistic, the benefits are plain to see.

If you are able to make an intruder think twice about breaking into your home, there is a high probability that they will look elsewhere, and the vast majority of criminals in Carrickfergus much prefer an easy target.

Dummy CCTV cameras can be purchased in all sizes and styles and range in price from around £6 to £30 or £40 for more elaborate models. They are available for use both internally and externally. (Tags: Dummy CCTV Carrickfergus, Fake CCTV Carrickfergus, Dummy CCTV Cameras Carrickfergus, Imitation CCTV Carrickfergus).

Popular CCTV Brands

  • Hikvision
  • Panasonic
  • Sannce
  • Idis
  • Axis
  • Yale
  • Dahua
  • Swann
  • Honeywell
  • Hanwha Techwin

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Your local Carrickfergus CCTV installer will be able to deliver an extensive array of services, and along with what's already been covered here they can do mesh grilles Carrickfergus, zoom, pan & tilt CCTV Carrickfergus, monitored CCTV installation in Carrickfergus, dummy CCTV cameras in Carrickfergus, indoor CCTV Carrickfergus, box camera installation Carrickfergus, external CCTV Carrickfergus, CCTV camera system rental, remote access CCTV Carrickfergus, CCTV monitors, door entry systems, fire alarm installation in Carrickfergus, outbuilding CCTV installations, day & night vision CCTV cameras Carrickfergus, infra red CCTV camera installation, site surveys in Carrickfergus, infra red CCTV installation Carrickfergus, thermographic CCTV systems, outdoor CCTV systems in Carrickfergus, CCTV maintenance Carrickfergus, the installation of CCTV security cameras Carrickfergus, vandal-proof CCTV system installations in Carrickfergus, high-definition CCTV systems, security cameras Carrickfergus, farm CCTV surveillance, door & gate intercom systems in Carrickfergus, roller shutter installation, remote access CCTV systems, police response CCTV systems, IP camera CCTV installation Carrickfergus, bespoke CCTV systems, CCTV signs, CCTV wireless cameras in Carrickfergus, security alarm installations Carrickfergus, wireless CCTV system installation Carrickfergus, to mention a few.

Is Your Home in Carrickfergus Secure Or Could It Be An Easy Target?

It's sad but true that the home you purchased and cherish is seen as merely another easy source of income to a common thief in Carrickfergus. Blame it on the economy, or whatever, but there are plenty of criminals out there who consider your home looks pretty inviting. In many situations a house is chosen because it appears easy to enter the property and escape quickly without being disturbed. Sometimes, an enterprising burglar will strike any time he sees a house where there's virtually an open invitation for them to commit the crime. For you, such a prospect should be more than a little unnerving; you could lose everything you posses and, almost worse, your sense of safety and well being. Assuming you don't want to become a victim yourself, there are a few simple things you can do.

You have locks on all your doors and windows, obviously, but do you truly have any idea how good they are? Initially, make sure all your home's outer entry doors are protected with quality deadlocks, then locate an expert to help secure all your windows as well as possible. You'll want to also think about how easy and quick it is to set, if you need to leave in a rush. The whole idea is just to make it as difficult as possible for intruders to break into your home. You will find people who adopt all of these safety measures inside their house but overlook the need to also adequately lock garages and sheds. Criminals love stuff similar to electric drills and bicycles, as well as all kinds of garden supplies and equipment.

A more expensive approach, yet well worth the money, is a state-of-the-art, electronic home alarm system. Presented a choice between a house with an obviously high quality system of alarms and one without, will there be any doubt which one a crook will choose? Lately it is possible to have what is known as a monitored home security system which means that there is a central control that is manned 24 hours a day and they will take action on any alarms that are set off. The degree of security you would like for your house may depend on your budget and how much you need to protect but a further consideration for some people is the use of CCTV cameras.

Along with deterring people from going into your property, it is a good idea to make it difficult for people to see exactly what you have inside your home. It helps to clear away your valuables from obvious view, like going so far as to align things so you influence what is visible through your windows. Check to see if there's a good way you can make it tougher for a prowler to get to the back of your house from the front. One such deterrent would be a set of dazzling security lights that are activated by a prowler's movement just outside or near your house. What crook wants a nice, dazzling light shining on him as he endeavors to break into your home?

Bottom line: There's really no sense in allowing yourself to be a target for any criminals prowling the area. Take as many of these precautions as you can.

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