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CCTV Installation Brockenhurst Hampshire (SO42): Mainly used for enhancing security and to monitor business premises, residential properties, buildings, land and public places such as leisure centres, council buildings and parks, CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a camera-based surveillance system that's now a more common sight in Brockenhurst. Essentially, a CCTV system is a network of wireless or wired cameras which transmit recordings via signals or an internet connection to monitors on which they can be viewed (in real-time or in the future) as moving video or still images. As there are numerous types of CCTV available in Brockenhurst, each of which offers differing features and need to be used in varying ways, wherever possible professional CCTV installation is generally recommended.

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Analogue CCTV - These are the conventional camera setups which can record and monitor activity over a multi-camera installation. Analogue systems can be installed to take still frames or provide constant video recording and transfer them to a locally sited DVR (digital video recorder) for storage. If local police authorities need to see evidence that's been recorded on your DVR system, it can be copied over to a USB flash drive or DVD/CD for simple viewing. While these can be hooked up to the net, this isn't essential to the functioning of the system, and can be employed as standalone systems when that is good enough for your requirements.

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Internet Protocol (IP) Systems - With IP camera systems, recording and monitoring can be accomplished through the internet, with a wide area network or via a local intranet. An IP address is allocated to each camera, and for monitoring and recording footage these will be hooked up to a DVR or computer. Having the capacity to send a live stream to your smart phone is a major advantage of IP cameras, and the video and still images can also be saved onto your device for added security. But, the encryption and security features need to be configured properly to prevent any unwanted viewing of your cameras and their recordings.

Cloud CCTV Systems - To record footage onto "cloud" storage, these systems use an encrypted secure gateway. Any CCTV system, IP or analogue, that's got a web connection has the capability to store its recordings to a cloud based storage facility. To store data in the cloud typically requires a yearly or monthly charge and is actually based on the quantity of data you intend to store, and whether you want your home in Brockenhurst by a professional CCTV security company.

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Night vision using infrared LED's usually comes as standard on most CCTV systems. The images captured by an infrared may be of a slightly poorer resolution in comparison with those taken in full daylight and they'll always be in black and white due to the basic characteristics of low light recording devices. It is possible, if you think the night vision resolution is not good enough for your requirements, to fit special security lamps that yield a better light source for your CCTV system. These offer you the most effective options for recording colours in artificial lighting, and can also be configured to only switch on if movement is detected by your camera.

Be careful if you are using security lighting with cameras, so as not to bother next door neighbours or shine directly onto a road.


Residential CCTV cameras which record across the boundary of your property, into a neighbour's garden or onto the highway, are no longer exempt from the Data Protection Act. This doesn't mean you are not allowed to use your CCTV system or monitor activity on your property, but it does mean any recordings must be secured as outlined by the legislation.

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The Information Commissioner's Office can provide advice on your legal obligations concerning the monitoring and recording of public or neighbouring areas, which includes specific information regarding signs to the general public of your use of CCTV. You can make sure that all legal obligations are met by employing a competent CCTV company in Brockenhurst for the installation of your CCTV camera system.

Planning permission for any CCTV system placed on the outside of your home might be necessary if you're placing them onto a listed building, you live in a conservation area, you live within a national park or you're in a place of scientific interest. By making sure that the CCTV cameras are mounted at least 2.5m above the level of the ground and that they do not stick out from your outside walls by more than one metre, planning permission shouldn't be necessary for all other dwellings in Brockenhurst.

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You can find CCTV options for every property in Brockenhurst, and security systems to satisfy every security and budget requirement imaginable. From a simple internal camera to capture entry and exit, to a multiple IP camera system, with HD recording and motion detecting alarm linked equipment. A scrupulous and professional CCTV installer in Brockenhurst will only recommend equipment you need to fit your particular situation.

The advantage of using a professional installer is that they'll not try to get you to buy equipment or products which aren't really needed. It should not matter how much you shell out on your CCTV system, an experienced company in Brockenhurst will take pride in providing the highest possible level of service and aftercare. It's always a good idea to get at least three different itemised estimates for the equipment you want to put in.

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Certain zones may require discrete cameras, while others might call for a more noticeable presence as a deterrent to potential intruders. Remember that interviews conducted with ex-burglars by police and insurance companies show that professionally fitted CCTV equipment is the number one deterrent in making a would be intruder think about a less protected house.

If you've purchased CCTV equipment from an electronics shop or an online supplier, you will still be able to get specialist assistance in its installation and configuration. A local Brockenhurst CCTV installation specialist will be happy to help you out even if you've not bought the equipment through them. With their knowledge of the different CCTV systems available, they're likely to be familiar with any brand you have purchased, and will be able to quickly and efficiently set up and fit your equipment.


Surveillance camera equipment installed in your Brockenhurst home or business premises should meet the British Standards for CCTV systems, BS EN 62676. The standards laid out in BS EN 62676 states the performance parameters for the apparatus, and suggestions on how best to site and install the CCTV system for the best effect. If you have non-British Standard CCTV equipment installed and it does not meet the level of quality offered by the installation company, or even your own requirements, you may find you have difficulty in rectifying the situation later.

Tradesmen, contractors and CCTV companies should be affiliated with at least one accepted trade association within the security and camera sector. The following are the main United Kingdom security trade bodies:

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Secure By Design - Created with the aim of crime reduction across the country, the SBD is a government initiative led by police forces. In order to strengthen the physical security of domestic and industrial buildings all over the UK, the SBD work alongside security companies, builders and designers.

The Security Institute - The SI is a respected and recognised organisation within the security sector, and thus has the largest membership of security companies and contractors in the UK. It sets high standards for all of its three thousand plus membership in all parts of the security industry by the promotion of best practices, and guarantees the professional competency of its associates.

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) - This independent UK trade association only acknowledges the best companies in the security sector. The vetting process is rigorous and includes a company demonstrating their proficiency in the design, installation and maintenance of a wide array of security equipment. They also have to show an alleyway, a communal area, a public footpath, an adjacent road, a next door neighbours' garden, and even the suitability of business premises, are all covered by the exacting criteria of their codes of practice. Membership of the NSI is accepted as the highest possible standard by police forces, insurance providers and fire services in the UK and EU.

The British Security Industry Association - This is one of the biggest trade organisations within Britain's security industry. Licensed BSIA members are trustworthy security contractors and companies who comply with all ISO 9000 regulations and British Standards, and follow the industry's Code of Practice.

Recommendation from friends, family and workmates is often a good way of finding a suitable CCTV installer, so that should be your first port of call when searching for CCTV installation. It's widely accepted by over 80% of people in Brockenhurst, that a word of mouth endorsement is better than any other kind of recommendation. To be on the safe side you should get a minimum of three estimates from your shortlist of prospective companies.

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You should be able to locate CCTV specialists in Brockenhurst, and surrounding places like: Allum Green, Pilley, Ashurst, Forest Corner, Boldre, East Boldre, Newtown, Bucklers Hard, Minstead, Lymington, Beaulieu, Sway, Battramsley, Stoney Cross, Lyndhurst, Burley. Areas with postcodes like SO42 7TA, SO42 7QX, SO42 7SZ, SO42 7TT, SO42 7YY, SO42 7RN, BH24 4HY, SO41 6EH, SO41 6FU, SO41 6AR are also covered. Brockenhurst CCTV installers should have the phone code 01590 and the postcode SO42. You will need to confirm this if you prefer to use a locally based installer of CCTV. Brockenhurst property owners have the use of these and other related services at any time they need to. If you want to obtain CCTV installation info for your area of Hampshire, click the "QUOTE" banner or form.

CCTV and Data Protection

Your a CCTV system will be bound by the UK data protection laws if you choose to fit CCTV in your Brockenhurst home and it captures images beyond the boundary of your property, such as a neighbour's garden, a public road or an alleyway.

This doesn't mean that you're committing an offence by doing this, but in the eyes of the law you become a "data controller", and as a result you'll have to comply with the Data Protection Act and meet its legal obligations.

You must show that you're recording such footage in a way that wholly conforms to the data protection legislation, and simultaneously respects the rights of anybody whose movements or activities you are filming.

If you have cameras that are collecting footage outside the perimeter of your property:

  • You should be able to guarantee the security of captured images and keep them away from the eyes of others.
  • You must use the system only for your declared purpose, and not permit family members or others to misuse it.
  • You must comply with SARs (subject access requests) received from any individual.
  • You must put up clear signage to let people know that you're using CCTV to capture images.
  • Unless needed for an authentic legal dispute, you should delete images of specific people when asked to do so.
  • When asked, you should be able to explain the rationale behind capturing these images.
  • You should only film necessary footage for your purpose, and never more than is genuinely required.
  • You must have an obvious and justifiable reason for collecting such footage.
  • You must regularly erase any unnecessary footage, and only keep hold of it for the time that it is needed.

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CCTV in the Workplace

There are numerous reasons why CCTV may be installed in a workplace:

  • To discourage misconduct.
  • To make certain that health and safety protocols are being adhered to.
  • To prevent damage to company property.
  • To reduce or prevent theft, violence or other offences.
  • To improve productivity and keep tabs on the performance of employees.

As mutual trust is critical in employee/employer relations, this must be done with a degree of care. Employers must keep their team notified about how recording will be undertaken, what recorded footage is going to be used for, what information will be recorded and stored, what captured pictures are going to be used for and how long footage will be stored.

Brockenhurst's Most Popular CCTV Brands

  • Hikvision
  • Yale
  • Dahua
  • Swann
  • Idis
  • Hanwha Techwin
  • Annke
  • Axis
  • Sannce
  • Honeywell

CCTV Brockenhurst - Dome Cameras

Not knowing what style of CCTV camera to go for when looking into security options for your commercial premises or home in Brockenhurst is a common problem that many people face. A dome camera is one of the patterns that you might consider, and we will be looking at these in this paragraph. Dome cameras are one of the most favoured types of CCTV camera available on the market today, and they've got a real advantage over other forms of camera in that they can be either wall or ceiling mounted. Usually mounted in mostly inaccessible locations, dome cameras are less obtrusive once set up and can record activities in a room without any concern about being put out of action or vandalised.

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For business owners in Brockenhurst, security is undoubtedly a big consideration and if you're the manager or owner of a retail outlet, a grocery store or a restaurant, dome cameras could prove particularly helpful. Additionally, you will want to make perfectly sure that the money spent in the store stays in the store, in other words you are concerned with light-fingered employees along with customer theft.

Because dome cameras normally boast tinted glass, it can be extremely hard for bystanders to ascertain in which direction the camera is pointing, which adds to their effectiveness. If there is one thing that potential criminals hate, it's uncertainty, and dome cameras add that certain level of uncertainty for anyone planning on stealing or causing mischief.

Clearly, a dome camera can be a hugely important security measure for your business or home in Brockenhurst, both for combating criminal behaviour and documenting them as evidence which could be used in a potential prosecution.

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If you don't wish to go to the lengths of having CCTV installed or cannot afford the considerable outlay of a comprehensive security system, you could maybe consider sticking up a few fake/dummy CCTV cameras to help deter burglars or crime. Whether you are a householder or a business owner in Brockenhurst you could benefit from having fake/dummy CCTV cameras put in, and of course these are significantly cheaper than the real thing. To the untrained eye, the fake CCTV cameras on the market today are quite realistic, and it's actually quite difficult to tell the difference between these and the real ones.

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We are often told that an experienced career criminal will rarely be fooled by a fake device and that it is only the opportunistic burglar who will be discouraged by this type of deterrent. Nevertheless, a property with no cameras at all will be much more attractive to a potential thief, than one that has some apparent level of security be it authentic or phony. Therefore, these products can provide certain benefits, given that a sizable percentage of crime in Brockenhurst is indeed opportunist.

In Brockenhurst (or anywhere else in the UK for that matter), most burglars love easy pickings, and there is a good chance that they will search for an easier target if you can put doubts in their mind about trying to enter your home.

Fake CCTV cameras can be purchased in all sizes and designs and prices range from about £6 to £30 or £40 or more for sophisticated models. They're also available for use both internally and externally.

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There are a whole host of tasks that can be undertaken by your local Brockenhurst CCTV installer including indoor CCTV Brockenhurst, CCTV camera installations, CCTV indoor cameras in Brockenhurst, high definition CCTV Brockenhurst, thermal imaging cameras, door entry system installation, the best CCTV installation services, police response CCTV system installations in Brockenhurst, CCTV maintenance Brockenhurst, gate & door intercom systems Brockenhurst, roller shutter installation in Brockenhurst, dome camera installation, exterior CCTV Brockenhurst, thermal sensor CCTV system installation in Brockenhurst, IP camera CCTV installation Brockenhurst, networked CCTV systems, smartphone CCTV installation, home CCTV installation, monitored CCTV Brockenhurst, wireless CCTV systems, security cameras Brockenhurst, analogue CCTV installation Brockenhurst, professional security systems, home security packages, pan, zoom & tilt CCTV Brockenhurst, security lighting, tamper-proof CCTV system installations, farm CCTV surveillance Brockenhurst, box camera installation, domestic CCTV installations, CCTV dummy cameras in Brockenhurst, wireless surveillance systems, CCTV signs Brockenhurst, fire alarm installations, and lots more. Listed are just a handful of the activities that are handled by people specialising in CCTV. Brockenhurst companies will keep you informed about their full range of CCTV services.

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In Hampshire you can additionally get: Owslebury CCTV installation services, Hawley security cameras, Sparsholt security cameras, Portchester CCTV, Baughurst security camera installation, Drayton CCTV fitter, East Boldre CCTV fitter, Petersfield CCTV installers, Littleton security camera installation, Sway security cameras, Totton CCTV installers, Bursledon CCTV installation, Widley CCTV installation, Chilbolton CCTV installation services, Upper Clatford CCTV fitter, Lindford security cameras, Hyde security cameras, Compton CCTV fitter, Sherborne St John CCTV installation services, Micheldever security camera installation, Locks Heath CCTV fitters, Binsted CCTV fitter, Micheldever CCTV installation, Over Wallop CCTV installation, Selborne security cameras, Whitchurch CCTV installation, North Waltham security cameras, Otterbourne CCTV fitters, Southsea CCTV installation, Portchester security cameras. In every area of the Hampshire region you will be able to find CCTV installers who'll offer high quality services for all your security requirements. If you cannot find the perfect CCTV installer in Brockenhurst itself then you should not have any problems finding one nearby.

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Also find: Lyndhurst CCTV installation, Battramsley CCTV installation, Bucklers Hard CCTV installation, Newtown CCTV installation, Boldre CCTV installation, Beaulieu CCTV installation, Allum Green CCTV installation, Ashurst CCTV installation, East Boldre CCTV installation, Lymington CCTV installation, Stoney Cross CCTV installation, Sway CCTV installation, Forest Corner CCTV installation, Burley CCTV installation, Minstead CCTV installation, Pilley CCTV installation services and more. All of these locations are served by companies who install CCTV. Brockenhurst householders can get price quotes by clicking here.

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CCTV Installation Around Brockenhurst: Households in Horlock Road, Tattenham Road, Wide Lane Close, Fathersfield, Southampton Road, Forest Park Road, Meerut Road, Rhinefield Road, Martin's Road, Wootton Farm Road, Brookley Road, Whitemoor Road, Noel Close, Collyers Road, Woodlands Road, Wilverley Road, Forest Hall, Brookside Road, Ober Road, Auckland Place, Avenue Road, Sutton Place, Butts Paddock, Brownhill Road, Oberfield Road, have needed CCTV installation recently. Home security work was also done in these local Brockenhurst postcodes: SO42 7TA, SO42 7QX, SO42 7SZ, SO42 7TT, SO42 7YY, SO42 7RN, BH24 4HY, SO41 6EH, SO41 6FU, SO41 6AR. Work was achieved in these locations by specialists in CCTV. Brockenhurst homeowners enjoyed high quality and dependable CCTV services.

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